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Jan 26, 2008 12:54 PM

last minute idea for tonight . (Methuen)

We just found out we're kid free tonight. Looking for some last minute ideas. We're in Methuen so we're willing to go north ( NH) or south to boston area. Please help.

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  1. Sorry I didn't see your post earlier, but for next time you might want to check out The Common Man in Windham. Nice food selection and atmosphere in an old barn with a great stone fireplace.

    1. Sorry to have missed your post.

      Where did you end up going? Anywhere good?

      1. Gaven's in Middleton is a nice steakhouse.

        Also live in Methuen. Any favorites you like to share besides the usually chain stuff?

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          Mexico Lindo, hidden behind the Red Barn Inn, with a sister restaurant in Melrose, serves a nice meal, clean, fresh ingredients. Can't speak for "authenticity", the Chowhound mantra.

          1. re: lammypie

            For Middleastern food, I really like Shadi's Restaurant & Lounge on Osgood Street in Methuen. Excellent food and very friendly staff.

          2. For next time, if your looking for something kinda trendy and fun, Evenfall on the Haverhill/ North Andover border is a nice choice.