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Jan 26, 2008 12:44 PM

Fatoosh in Park Slope

Saw an awning/window today announcing a new Fatoosh in Park Slope -- 5th Ave just north of 9th, in the old Kennedy (?) Fried Chicken space. Is this the same owners as the Hicks St Fatoosh? Is it open yet? If not, when???

(Caveat: saw from a block away, and was too cold to investigate.)

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  1. Yes, it is. I think there was something on Brownstoner about it.

    1. The Fatoosh on Hicks St. has a sign in their window saying that a Park Slope outpost is coming soon.

      1. I walked by around an hour ago and it looked open. Had a basket of take out menus on a table in a basket outside.

        1. yes they are the same owners as the Fatoosh on hicks! I was really excited to see that they opened one in Park Slope! I went in today and had the best dinner Ive had in a while.
          anyone who has tried it yet, this cozy place should definitely be next on ur list!