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Jan 26, 2008 12:09 PM

Hull Street Blues vs. Little Havana vs. Metropolitan for Brunch

I'd like to do Brunch in Federal Hill tomorrow and I'm wondering what you all think about these three places, compartively. I've been to Blue Moon (I thought it was fantastic) and Mama's on the Half Shell(ok, but not as great as their normal fare) for brunch and I'd like to try something new.

I've also heard Mother's does a decent brunch in Fed Hill.


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  1. I'm not a big brunch person, but I have not been a fan of what I've had at Mother's. Hull Street has some fans here.

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      i thought maybe it was just me but I went to Mothers about three months ago and got a bunch of different appetizers and was pretty underwhelmed by all of them. ive heard people here say they have good burgers but ive never made it to the entree portion of the menu... and if the apps are any indication i dont think i ever will...

      1. re: MarcDC

        I've tried the burger and was pretty underwhelmed with it as well. I'm in no hurry to back for anything.

    2. I'm not a brunch person either. Two that come to mind that were good were Miss Shirley's near Roland Park (I've been there a couple of times for brunch) and Blue Moon. I just had dinner at Moma's on the Half Shell this evening and it was great - just like it was the other time I ate there. My Fiance and I ate at Hull Street Blues one nigh on a Sunday and it was pretty bad. I don't think we would ever return.

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        good to know. I've also been to Miss Shirley's and thought it was pretty good. I was just looking for something a little closer to home.

      2. i guess it's little after the fact now, but little havana is going to be interesting. there will be a long wait if you show up and want a table. i would rec finding a place at the bar and eating and drinking your mimosas there. 11-4 a.y.c.d. mimosas and bloodys with a breakfast entree. it's not a bad deal. be aware though, it is going to get packed in there.

        metropolitan has decent food and passable coffee. sunday brunch service is pretty slow, but the place doesn't get over-crowded or anything. it's not bad.

        i never went to the hull st blues brunch.

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          thanks for the input. we ended up at Harvest Table in Locust point, actually. It was decent, not great. I think you need to stick with the pancake/french toast type stuff there versus some of the other fare that they offer. good scrapple though...

          1. re: MarcDC

            Harvest Table used to be very good but was recently sold. New owners have ran it into the ground according to my friends who work at Under Armour and other companies in Tide Point.

            1. re: amaebi

              yea i had The Mother, which is biscuits and girts with bacon and cheese, and it was below average. the biscuits were passable but i probably only ate 1/4 of the dish. My gf got the avocado quesadilla special and she wasnt too happy with it. The home fries weren't very good either... really, the only saving grace was the scrapple side order I got.

              That being said, the pancakes and banana french toast special did look good. I'm in no hurry to go back