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Jan 26, 2008 11:47 AM

Anyone tried Bangkok Bistro in Troy, MI?

How was it? Looking for somewhere to go before the symphony tonight. We're in Rochester and it's conveniently located. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can't say that I've tried that one. If it's Thai you're looking for, however, there's the second iteration of Pi's Thai Cuisine at Dequindre and 16 Mile, in the strip mall on the NE corner. Good Thai there, in my opinion, *especially* the tom yum soup. Many times I'll go there and get the extra big bowl of tom yum with a side of rice, and that's my entire, delcious meal. They have many other great, fresh dishes there, too, though, so if that's not what you're in the mood for, there are lots of great alternatives.

    1. Sorry this post is late for your dinner....

      Bagkok Bistro (located at maple and maplelawn near Wal-mart, we even call it WalMart Thai at work)?

      We like it- mostly for the Curry Dishes I don;t like most of the Pad (brown sauce dishes there). Gang Mussaman and Curry Noodles are typical for me. Their mussaman suprisingly shows up without peanuts once and a while and ends up more of a GangKaree. Their GaiLoongSong (peanut sauce curry with broccoli) has napa in it which I don't really care for.

      Pad Thai is pretty fair if that is how you rate your thai experience. For lunch you get a soup typical glutenous hot and sour with you meal, veggies can get a cucumber salad instead--which makes this place popular with my co-workers 50% vegetarian in my office. They have an Eggplant Chiang Rang (sp) which is different and unique to this restaurant.

      I also like:
      Sy Thai in Birmingham and SC shores (better mussaman/gang karree) and Prik Khing green beans.
      Bangkok Cuisine (15 and Rochester) Much better Gai Long Song (peanut sauce with Broccoli)

      1. Sy's Thai in Birmingham and St. Clair Shores rocks.