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Jan 26, 2008 11:43 AM

Bisto 44** Toms River

I know that this has been a topic on the board in the past ,but it is up again ..
Ate there last nite with my wife ,was not crowded ..We were somewhat disappointed ..The bread was excellent ,but had to ask for butter .A special was claw chower soup $8 it was bland and a very poor effort ..Kelly's in Neptune City has much better chower @ half the price ..My wife had the crab cakes..not as good as Bisto ole' in AP..My dinner was a special t -bone cooked to order ..meat was just ok ,a bit tuff ...The desserts were the high lite ..I had fruit ( not on menue) ..wife had gilato both outstanding .They are not bashful about thier prices !! .One of the wait -staff recommeded the Atlanic Grill ..
Maybe this was just an abberation ..What are your experences @ B-44

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  1. big1515 - While I'm sorry about your disappointing meal, I must note that I've never had a "bad" meal at B44 and have eaten there quite often. Not that I doubt your assertion about the staff recommendation however I know all of them and have a hard time believing any would make such a statement. That being said, I do agree however that the Atlantic Bar and Grill is another very good restaurant in the area.

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      As clarification... The meal did have some high lites .. and the person we talked to did not recommend Atlantic Grill as being better then B44 but stated that it was an excellent stop..and we should consider it ..We will go back to B44 simply because Ocean County does not have much to offer and the over all experience was promising.... B44 is deserving of another chance + you can get $25 certificate from Restaurant .com for B44 which delutes the stiff prices ..OH !.. as another point .. bathroom in the hall way of the office building ! not good ..

      1. re: big1515

        big1515 - Thank you for the clarification. Your right about the bathroom. I don't like it either due to the location. One interesting thing you should know about the building. Its a former movie house that has been converted into an office building (the design of which lead to the placement of the bathroom down that long central hallway on the first floor). While not an excuse it does make the situation a little understandable. I of course am willing to accept this quirk for (IMHO) the very good food Chef Erik puts out. And as you correctly point, there really isn't that much in the order of "fine" dining available in the O.C. BTW, I also seem to recall half price certs at the WJRZ web page. Good Luck.

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          As a diner of this restaurant, I can not say how muchj i have really enjoyed myself here. Chef Erik and his wife are hard at work trying to deal with the clientle down in O.C. They have made every experience there so far th emost wonderful for myself and wife as well.
          Hats off to Erik and his wife for bringing so good food at good fare in O.C.

          1. re: NJDolfan

            NJDolfan - As I'm sure you've noticed from my many positive postings, I agree completely. :)

            1. re: bgut1

              I still haven't made it to B44 but will be doing so very soon. I have to agree completely with bgut1 and NJDolfan...O.C. is a culinary wasteland and it's something of a challenge to deal with the clientele in the area, many of whom have no clue what fine dining is. I work in TR but live further south, where the dining scene is even MORE bleak...some of the locals consider sweatpants to be acceptable dining attire and Ritz crackers with aerosol cheese the "it" hors d'oeuvre.

              Any chef who works hard to educate the palates of the local clientele gets my vote!