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Aug 31, 2001 04:27 PM


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OK, so I never say it out loud in my local pho joint on Sepulvada but when I lived in NYC I said, when forced, "fah." The Loney Planet World Food Vietnam say "pronounced 'fer' (say 'fur' with a soft 'r.' So I got through Myanmar (Burma) last December with no pronounciation challenge. But this December in Vietnam & Cambodia I'd like not to be entirely stupid.

Pronounciation help please?

Thanks for saving me from more pho pa's.

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  1. It is pronounced "fuh?" as in "huh?" (without the h at the end) like you are asking a question.

    If you look closely at the word pho, you'll notice a tiny question mark on top of the letter o. Loosely, in Vietnamese, this accent mark indicates that the word is pronounced as a if you were asking a single-worded question.

    Hope this makes sense.

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      TKN, Thank you.

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        Hey, where is your favorite Pho joint on Sepulveda??

        1. re: Kathy

          There are two on Sepulveda and Victory. The better one is Pho 999--great tasting broth and large portions. Definitely worth a visit if you enjoy pho. There was a short thread on it a while back; I put the link below.