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Jan 26, 2008 11:11 AM

Favorite Teriyaki in Seattle

What's your favorite teriyaki place in Seattle (or surrounding communities)?

How is the teriyaki prepared (i.e., grilled, sauteed, etc.)?

Is sauce on the teriyaki while it is cooking (i.e., carmelizes on meat) or squirted on afterwards?

Generous serving for the money?

Other items/specialities?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i've been told by a reliable source that the teriyaki place on 5th between pike and pine is good, but can't say from personal experience

      1. one of my favs is musashi on 45th in wallingford .. the grilled chicken teriyaki has just the right bit of sweet and it comes with harusami salad, which at first is off putting and then becomes addictive and you drive across town for it ..yikes!

        1. Teriyaki Madness on 15th (Cap Hill).

          Good mix of carmelized and post-cooked squirt.

          What I really like is that the spicy chicken really is spicy (requires a Kleenex for me) and I can get brown rice (makes me feel less guilty).

          I can get two meals easy out of it. My husband only gets one but he is stuffed after.

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            I like Okinawa, under the viaduct. They offer lunch combos with chicken teriyaki, pork katsu, a couple tempura shrimp, gyoza, rice and salad. The chicken and katsu are quite good, and with the other items its almost enough for two meals, FWIW.

            1022 Alaskan Way
            Seattle, WA 98104
            (206) 447-2648

          2. my favorite teriyaki joint is in lynnwood, a little hole in the wall across the street from alderwood (next to ross) called "teriyaki express"

            prepared: grilled
            sauce: carmelizes on meat and a little on top afterwards
            generous for money: YES - lunch is super cheap!

            just thinking about it makes me want to go get some right now.. yummmmm!!!