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Jan 26, 2008 11:10 AM

Best store-bought ramen noodles?

I just watched Tampopo last night and I must have ramen noodles. I can't make em..but which ones should I buy? Thanks!

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  1. Not really Japanese-style ramen, and it's so disgustingly bad for you with all the MSG and sodium, but I'm utterly addicted to MaMa brand ramen. Sweet, spicy, sour, salty goodness...

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    1. re: naie

      I am so allergic to MSG. I was just wondering about the noodles themselves..not the soup mix, per se.

    2. Here is a link to a PortlandFood.Org thread on Ramen. It includes many links to ramen sites. Look for the Pollo Elastico posts.

      Pollo Elastico also has an awesome blog called the Guilty Carnivore here

      1. The best ramens you can find in stores are probably the "nama ramen" (roughly translated as fresh ramen) usually in the freezer sections of Japanese markets.
        Here's a good description from World
        Instead of dried noodles, the noodles are fresh frozen, providing a better texture, as you would find with fresh frozen pasta. And the soup and sauces aren't reconstituted from powders either. I personally haven't gone through many brands, but I've enjoyed several from the local Japanese markets. Here's a good blog:

        1. My favorite is Nong Shim kimchee flavor.

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          1. re: phofiend

            yeah.. the Nong Shim spicy korean noodles are good stuff

            1. re: kc72

              I like the Seafood & Spicy flavor better than the Kimchee flavor, but both are quite tasty.

              Mmmmmm now I need some instant ramen.

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                I second this, but they're really high in calories!

                1. re: AgentRed

                  I think if you cook your noodles most of the way in one pot of water and then transfer just the noodles to another pot of water you can eliminate a lot of the calories.

              2. re: phofiend

                Another belated vote for Nong Shim. I buy it by the case when it's on sale.

                1. re: melly

                  Ugh! I just logged in and noticed the original post is almost 3 years old. As far as store bought japanese ramen I think the best (although I haven't eaten all that many brands) is Myojo which is made in Japan. I live where there are some japanese markets in southern California so it's not hard to find. Is Nong Shim that brand they sell by the case in Costco? I almost bought a case of their kim chee ramen because it was on special, but noticed the sodium was about 50% of your daily amount but it was for a serving of half a bowl. Yikes! One thing good about Myojo is it has 2 packets (one of the dry and one of the liquid seasonings); that way you can hold back on the sodium somewhat.