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Jan 26, 2008 11:05 AM

Best Cheesesteak in Manhattan?

I am desperately seeking a tasty, worth-eating cheesesteak. I've found and really enjoy BB Sandwich Bar on 3rd and MacDougal. This satisfies the craving, but it's not the traditional cheesesteak I'm seeking. I want a delicious sandwich that makes my mouth water while I'm eating it and makes me crave the next one. I've seen people recommend Carl's, which I had one time and was disappointed by. I've read some posts on Wogie's and can't say I'm compelled to try it out based on what I've read. Is there a cheesesteak worth having in Manhattan? If the answer is no, it's no. Thanks!!

(Any commentary with Philadelphia reminiscences/comparisons is unhelpful.)

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  1. Two places that you might try are Tony Luke's (although it's more famous for the roast pork) and 99 Miles to Philly. The latter is my favorite in the city.

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      Isn't Tony Luke's (in NYC) now Shorty's Saloon?

      Supposedly has the same menu, but I haven't been since the name change almost one year ago.


    2. Tony Luke's is indeed now Shorty's. Recently had their cheesesteak and thought it was great. The quality of the meat was quite good and the rolls were slightly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. And, this is key, you can get cheez whiz.

        1. I thought Carl's was very disappointing. I tried 99 Miles to Philly in the EV about a week ago and thought the cheesesteak was very good. Still, the best sandwich in town in my opinion is the Roast Pork Italian (with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone) at Shorty's (the erstwhile Tony Luke's). It is as good as Tony Luke's ever was, and the environs, including the Ninth Avenue boozers, are considerably more congenial.

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            I have been in mourning ever since the Tony Luke's name came down. I was so disappointed by the roast pork italian at Shorty's compared to what it had been at Tony Luke's. Is it really still good?

          2. I just went to Shorty's the other day and posted a narrative and pics on Here it is:



            I also hit 99 Miles To Philly just before Thanksgiving:


            I'm not a huge fan of Carl's as I've found their cheesesteaks to be overly greasy (especially on the outside). BB's I had once and it was so salty that all other flavors were lost in the shuffle. Had Wogie's once and can't remember what I thought of it and haven't made it to Philly Slim's yet. Tony Luke's was tha' bomb when it was just a little sandwich shop! How I miss it so!

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              Yeah-you see that the Roast Pork Italian died when the name changed.