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Jan 26, 2008 10:59 AM

Best cheese/wine shop in Miami?

I came across Laurenzo's in North Miami Beach & had some amazing proscuitto while I was there, but was not too impressed with their cheese selection. Any idea where I can find a good selection of cheese?

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  1. The best selection of cheese I've found is at Whole Foods -- the one in South Miami seems to have more of a selection than the one in Aventura area.

    My new favorite wine shop the one at Red and Bird next to Delicias de EspaƱa and Allen's Drugs. They have a nice selection, and very reasonable prices.

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      We get cheese from Sunset Corners in South Miami for our wine tastings and it's always been excellent.

      The Gables/South Miami Whole Foods does have a pretty good selection.

      Epicure Market does too.

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        Have not gone through that little block in quite a while. Are the wines mostly Spanish or is it a wine shop in its own right with a wide selection?

        1. re: Icantread

          it's a wine shop in its own right -- I picked up a Felipe Rutini 2005 Malbec for $13.99 (very good price).. I didn't even pay attention to any spanish wines -- I headed straight to the malbecs... and I didn't see spanish wines in any preponderance in the case displays up front.

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            Are you referring to the wine shop attached to Delicias de Espana or another one? There's also Top Hat Wines over on the Bird Rd. side which a friend told me has some good deals. The wine at Delicias is sort of limited in selection and generally a little pricey (that Malbec notwithstanding).

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              It's on the red road side, on the corner - and not attached to delicias... it's a few doors down. The name is Chevalier Wine Cellar. I looked at the prices on a few wines that I knew -- all were good.

              1. re: karmalaw

                I passed by there recently. I liked the selection, was recommended a couple wines by someone I am not sure is their go-to wine guy (asked what I was referring to by big body). I went to Top Hat wines as well and found the liquor a good price but didn't really get a vibe on the wine. Did not find someone I felt confident asking about the wine either and nobody offered. Some interesting bottles, a lot of $30+++ inventory. not sure i felt the breadth of their selection and unfortunately had no one to ask.

              2. re: Frodnesor

                there were definitely some fair deals just on the website. I'm going to have to check them out.

        2. I have been heading to El Carajo for my wine purchases lately. It is in the gas station on 17th and US1.

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            Tried their tapas lately? Used to be fantastic but I heard there was a falling out with the chef.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              I did actually. It was good, the croquetas and ceviche were both delicious. The cheese platter was their standard. My girlfriend and her friend loved the mussels. The service was actually a little rough. I do not eat shellfish, so asked if they could do a paella either vegetarian or with chicken. The waitress asked so you want arroz con pollo or just yellow rice, to which I replied, yes that would be fine. She then just refused to ask the kitchen or pay any attention to my question. Oh well. The owner (I think, the shorter guy with an accent) is great with the wine recs.

          2. Whole Foods and Sunset Corners.

            1. The cheese Course in Weston, great cheese selection. Worth a visit.

              1. Whole Foods in South Miami/Coral Gables area, Sunset Corners and Crown right near Whole Foods has some good choices (though not a lot) at times