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Jan 26, 2008 10:52 AM

sacramento ca. italian restaurants

Looking for a good Italian restaurant in Sacramento, not a chain kind of old school thanks for any help. Oh yeah its for tonight! From out of town.

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  1. Spataro's at about 14th and L. Highly recommend it. Biba's of course..expensive..near 28th and N, Mama Susanna's in River Park (has gotten decent reviews), La Trattoria Bohemia for Czech and Italian (love this place) near 36th and J. There are choices not so near downtown..but don't know where you are staying.

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      Giovanni's Old World NY Pizzeria. A local, small chain...4 locations. Great NY-style pizza. They make wonderful lasagna, both meat and vegetable. The Sicilian roasted chicken is fantastic! Plus, you can get spumoni for dessert. Wines by the bottle or glass and their own ale or stout, too.

    2. I'm late I know, but for old school Italian, Serritellas Red Devil is pretty good. In Carmichael at Marconi and Fair Oaks Blvd.

      The full dinner deal with anitpasto,soup, salad, entree and ddessert is a great meal. the breadsticks with peanut butter are pretty cool too. Great lasagne, ravioli's and really good pizza.

      Also Roma has some old school italian food too, but their pizza is what it is all about (Folsom Blvd about a mile east of Watt, past the Raley's Shopping Center but before Auction town). Best pizza in Sac IMO.

      1. Probably too late, but if you are looking for an "old school" Italian place, Espanol on Folsom would probably fit.

        Espanol Restaurant
        5723 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819