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Jan 26, 2008 10:30 AM


Try it. Its the best pizzeria this side of Italy..Great value, home made sauces and doughs.

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  1. yeah, i actually ate here a while back and i really enjoyed their tortellini cream sauce dish. I am a BIG fan of affordable and delicious pasta, and eddie spaghetti definitely satisfied my craving!

    1. I just ate there the other night with my Dad(who is a self proclaimed Pizza sob). W were quite impressed my husband ordered a white pizza, while I had the eggplant parmigiana, my Dad the pizza snob ordered a plain Cheese pizza.. We all had a house salad to go with our dinner. We topped it off with a home made cannolli. The pizza is as close to a NY pizza as any Iv'e had outside of NY. All of us were more then satisfied with our experience. There is a new owner who came out to greet us and make sure our exp. was enjoyable.BTW He told us he would be running a special on (a local group buying site) $8.00 for $20.00 worth of food. I think it is running today and tomorrow. Any other suggestions for me to take my Dad too. He really LOVES Italian food.:) Any thoughts on Vincenzo or Vinnies on Merrimon?

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        Do not go to Vinnies. Very Mediocre
        There are so many better choices
        If you want great Italian food there is none better than Nona Mia's in west asheville

        1. re: mustardgirl

          Vinnies is ghastly - Nona Mias is the best hands down - I was at ES once a while back and it was mentioned a new owner? perhaps another visit is in order...

          1. re: chezdy

            I also love Nona Mia's. Fiore's downtown is also very good. Much nicer atmosphere than Nona Mia's and a little more expensive.

            1. re: pilches

              I've gotten some great food at Nona Mia but also some duds. I love eggplant parm so I often sample it first when trying an Italian restaurant. Nona Mia's was very disappointing especially for the not-cheap price. The pizzas and salads I've tried have all been delicious, though.

              Thanks for the recommend of Eddie Spaghetti, OP! I'll check it out sometime, I love good NY-style pizza.

              Eddie Spaghetti
              1378 Hendersonville Rd Ste A, Asheville, NC 28803