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Jan 26, 2008 10:29 AM

Vegeterian in Montreal and Quebec City?

My partner and I will be in Montreal and Quebec over the summer and we LOVE tasty food. We are vegetarians though, and are looking for some recommendations for vegetarian restaurants and places that are not vegetarian but have great veggie options (not just sides; we have pieced many meals together out of sides but would love to not have to). If you know of a few "special" places for more special meals, please include those (maybe some place that offers a veggie tasting menu, or will create one like Gramercy Tavern in NYC). All price ranges are fine.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Haloo! To get you started, you might want to check out this thread by some folks with very similar requirements to yours:

    4 vegetarians on a road trip

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      Thanks, kpzoo. I did read through that one; it's saved on my computer. Hopefully we will have better luck locating places, and unfortunately they didn't seem to love where they ended up. We will have 4 or 5 days in each city, so we have quite a few opportunities to enjoy the food.

    2. Try a BLT sandwich on Chapati pan at Les Vivres on St-Laurent Street or if you want to try a special place, try Spirit Lounge on Ontario Street (vegetalian).

      1. Do people generally have the experience that if you call ahead to one of the "better" restaurants in these cities that they will accommodate vegetarians? This is the case in NY, where I live, but not sure if it translates to other cities.

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          Depends on the resto. Try La Montee du Lait. They do well if you eat dairy and want a fancy French style meal. But do call ahead.

          Other veg favs:

          Chu Chai (on St. Denis) and Yuan (on Sherbrooke) for veggie-meat asian. I like Chu Chai more at dinner and Yuan more for veggie dim sum.

          Bombay Mahal or Maison Indian Curry for good south Indian in the city. There's an awesome one way out in the burbs if you have a car.

          There are a couple good ethiopian places on St. Denis north of Sherbrooke.

          Best Lebanese is Daou on Villeray. Sala Rossa has good Spanish food and lots of veg options (unusual that way). Au Vivres is a standard veggie place, and there are veggie options at lots of other restaurants (like fondue? there's good fondue to be had). Tons of options in Little Italy. Just walk down St. Laurent from Jean Talon and look at the menus until something catches your eye. I'm fond of Via Roma.

          For Mexican, there are lots of options at Maria Bonita. And for greek, Ouzeri has a few outstanding veg options. There's a Mauritanian place in the Plateau that's unique, and the best veggie pad thai in town is in a food court at the Fabourg mall downtown.

          Hope that helps.

          1. re: JES000000

            This is extremely helpful! We were just in Washington, DC and enjoyed meals at Citronelle and Restaurant Eve. We are very excited about some tasty meals in Canada. Are all of the above for Quebec City?

            1. re: Olive123

              No, they're all for Montreal. :-)

              1. re: Olive123

                Olive, there is a current thread about the best crêperie in Quebec City. I'd definitely recommend buckwheat (sarrazin) crêpes at Le Billig for vegetarians - it isn't a vegetarian resto but there are plenty of good vegetarian options and it is a nice place.