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Jan 26, 2008 10:05 AM

Baked goods at Peets

I have a gift card and would like to know what is good, besides coffee. (This might be a stupid question...are the baked goods the same at all the locations?) So far, I've had a cinnamon bun that was okay, but not worth the calories or the two dollars (had I been paying for it myself.) Any other ideas?

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  1. Does it have to be baked goods? Their loose teas are really nice.

    1. Since the baked goods are freshly brought in, they won't be the same in San Diego as in Sacramento. It depends on the bakery that makes whatever.

      I just like a fresh cup of coffee or tea; nothing fancy. Sit down, tell them it is "for here" (you'll get a ceramic cup) and read the paper; relax.

      Simple is good.

      1. I've had their scones and they were very good. Not stale like Starbucks.

        1. Thanks everyone. I'm not a tea drinker, but my SO is so maybe I'll get some tea for him. As for sitting down with coffee, the two Peet's near me are always very crowded and not pleasant places to linger.

          Lamster, I saw your post on the other Peet's thread and hoped you'd chime in. Anything else you like besides the scones?

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            Yes, I'm a real Peets coffee fan but unfortunately, I don't have any near me. (I go to Starbucks more frequently than Peets only because they are on every corner it seems.)

            I used to study a lot at a Peets near my old apartment and therefore had a lot of coffee and tried almost every baked good in their case. I don't recall ever thinking "this is gross" though I don't recall any standout items either - other than the scones. I think their danishes were always very flaky and moist (the ones with cream cheese inside) and their croissants were decent. Its been a while so my memory isn't too clear but I would bet on a Peets baked good over a Starbucks baked good any day.

          2. Some Peet's cafe carry Sterntaler Bakery's ( stollen. Their praline stollen is excellent.

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              My experience is that Peet's uses local bakeries. The items will vary (unlike Starbucks) but they are delivered fresh each morning. I haven't had anything that turned me off.