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Jan 26, 2008 09:57 AM

Good Burgers in North OC

So I'm looking for a good mom&pop (not corporate) burger joint with quality cheeseburgers and fries. Some friends and I have a craving for burgers but don't want to go to the typical Red Robin/Islands/In-n-Out type places. I'm located around Cerritos/Buena Park area, so if you guys know any good places relatively close by, that would help out a lot! Thanks.

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  1. Even though it is sort of an In-n-Out place and is a Chicago chain Portillo's (Buena Park) has great burgers/fries. Quality.

    1. I like the burgers at Cisco's in Long Beach. But mind you, there is only one cook there that makes them the right way and he only works weekdays morning and lunch time. You can actually get a burger med/rare there as well. American Kobe beef and the try to use mostly organic produce and products. Also have great fries and onion rings.

      1. I don't know whether Knowlwood fits into your criteria, but to me it's a great alternative to the usual chain variety. In North OC, there's one in Downtown Fullerton. There's also Brea's Best on Brea Boulevard, a couple of blocks south of Imperial Highway. Good burgers, but about as no frills a dining experience as it gets!

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          I like Knowlwood a lot. There's also Burger Boy on State College in Anaheim.

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            Mmmm ... I used to work right across the street and Burger Boy was a major staple at our showroom. The onion rings are a major foodgasm, as is their massive, 2-person breakfast burrito.

            Knowlwood and Brea's Best are also really good picks for yummy, thin-patty burgers. Brea's Best does a great char on theirs that used to make my mouth oh-so happy back in the day.

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            I 2nd Knowlwood.

            150 S Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

          3. Try the place (I forgot the name) that looks to be a re-converted older Taco Bell building near the NW corner of Katella/Beach Blvd. Its not pretty and there's not much seating inside or out but I have found their low-priced burgers and fries to be outstanding. Ask for the fries well-done (which I always do everywhere) and they are even better.

            1. Hey, I used to live in La Palma, and boy do I miss Volcano Burger! My whole family agreed that they had something special, and my kids still mention it 2 1/2 years later. Take Carmenita/Moody south till it dead ends at the race track. Turn Right. It's directly across from Los Alamitos High School. My personal favorite is the avacodo, bacon, cheese....