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Aug 30, 2001 03:45 PM

Shibucho -pate or foie gras

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Does it serve both a pate (pate with an accent over the e) and a foie gras? For some reason, I'm intrigued to try the foie gras. I heard some posts about this dish at Shibucho any others? Also, for most of the Shibucho regulars is there meals there always omakase meaning once you plop yourself down at a seat at the sushi counter you don't even have to say a word, he just merely serves what is best that day? I've only been a few times, but each time he asks me exactly what I want order by order. Is it better to go the omakase route here? Any to be this type of regular must you patronize his business at least once a week or we talking more like a couple times a week?

lastly, anyone know what new and exciting dishes I should try (if I don't eventually go the omakase route)

I have already tried:

toro sushi and toro sashimi (both excellent but expensive)
yellowtail, sardine, albacore, tuna, and eel sushi.
albacore salad in olive oil and soy sauce (superb)
toro handroll and sea urchin handroll (good, other are better)
monkfish liver sashimi (no way near as good as Tsukasa)
and the chocolate mousse (very good, other desserts are competent but then again these don't go exactly with the Japanese food though I still like them)

With all these posts, I really do like Shibucho (better than Tsukasa, Saito's, and other top notches places) since I keep going back, but the service and prices still agravate me.

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  1. I've been going for 20 years, have never tried the foie gras as I like the An-kimo and would rather have goose products in another setting.
    I have never done the omakase with Shige. There was an under-chef there who liked me and I trusted and did the justsitdownandeat thing. If Shige doesn't know you, it's unlikely he'll take the time since he doesn't know your habits.
    I recommend, when they have them, the naka-ochi toro roll (toro from 'twixt the bones), the chawan mushi is very good there, the butterfish (black cod broiled after sake marination), and in the fall, they have matsudake-shiro (Pine mushroom soup). Tsukasa does that beautifully though, if you go there, be sure to get it.