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Jan 26, 2008 09:50 AM

The Little Owl

Had a very good meal there Wednesday night with two friends. The room is dark, small and inviting. The staff is friendly and accommodative, an accomplishment considering the great demand that the positive word of mouth has created.
We had an amazing White Truffle Risotto, topped with Raw Egg and excellent Sea Scallops as starters. The mains were the justly famous Pork Chop ( "best I ever had, anywhere"), a delicious whole Red Snapper with Herbs, Olives and Lemon and a very fine Roasted, Crisped Chicken ( "you expect roast chicken to be somewhat ordinary, but this was really special").
The wine list was a little disappointing, with not enough selections under $75.
The restaurant is a very nice addition to the West Vilage. It is cozy and comfortable. I suspect that the hype may have built it up a bit, but for those with reasonable expectations, it satisfies. i wish it was in my neighborhood!

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  1. Have you done for brunch? Their burger is amazing.

    1. Those are the exact same dishes, amongst others, that make us go to LO as often as we can. The unpretentiously homey setting, plus the friendly staff, add to our good experiences, too.

      1. I wish I'd had the dishes everyone is describing. I ordered the steak medium, but it was a rock solid rare, and the sauce was a little burnt and vinegary...overpowering the flavor of the steak I was trying to chew. I agree that the scallop appetizer was fantastic, though. And the service was great.

        1. I was recently there for the first time and loved it. I had the famous pork chop - gargantuan - which was very good, but my partner had the lamb, I think it was, which was even better.

          1. I recently had a very good meal there as well. Though I was a little dissapointed in their signature dish, the meatball sliders, I found them a bit bland. Other than that everything was great.