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Jan 26, 2008 09:49 AM

Hell's Kitchen/Clinton area

My daughter will be attending a workshop over the next six weeks that will necessitate that I hang around nearby the studio on W52nd between 10th and 11th for several hours Saturday and Sunday. Any suggestions for breakfast, lunch, coffee, eating and loitering? Also need a suggestion for a splurge lunch in that area. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Azuri Cafe on W. 50th (?) and 10th Ave. Only has a few tables. Schwarma, falafels, that sort of food but very good.

    Nook on 9th Ave, near W. 50th (?). Yummy dinners here, they do lunch too.

    Chai for Thai food, W. 55th and 8th Ave.

    Coffee Pot on corner of 9th Ave and W. 49th St. Good place for lounging.

    Roberto Passons has a $13 prix fixe 3-course lunch special. Good value, I thought. And the tiramisu was delicious.

    Pam's Real Thai.

    Saw a fancy looking place on 10th Ave, near W. 43rd or 44th. Not sure what it was, looked like a possible splurge place.

    How about Esca? Haven't been there either!

    Went for breakfast to HK around 9th Ave and W. 40th which was very good too.

    Sandwich Planet on 9th Ave, near W. 40th (?) for fresh sandwiches and burgers.

    Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel for a simple good burger. W. 56th St, between 6th Ave and B'way or 7th Ave.

    1. I'm a huge fan of the authentic and delicious Mexican food served at Tulcingo del Valle on 10th Avenue between 46th & 47th.

      1. at 10th and 47th for amazing biscotti and coffee; Greek Kitchen on 10th near 57th for reasonable Greek food.

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          Yes, second BisCo Latte. Completely forgot about that place. Love the biscotti and the owner is very nice.

        2. Thanks to all of you who responded. It will be fun exploring your recommendations. I will let you know.

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            Route 66 Cafe on 9th Avenue b/w West 55th & 56th is a great choice for breakfast or any light meal.