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Aug 30, 2001 02:14 PM

Los Angeles Area BBQ Chowdown and Taste Test '01 is next week!

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One more call for comers:

For those who missed the earlier thread, this is an event organized by people on this board, in an attempt to figure out what the best BBQ in Los Angeles is. This is not confined to the standards. We are branching out. We are Boldly Going. We are Eating All That Stands Before Us.

The event involves people descending upon a small, private home of some poor, hapless volunteer Chowhound (already arranged, do not fear young child for thy own home), each with a bag of BBQ. Ribs. Brisket.

Blind taste test.

Ratings. Rankings.

Winner. Happiness. Etc.

The taste-test is next Thursday, a week from today, at 7:30 in the PM.

If you have tried to e-mail me before, and have NOT received a pleasant group e-mail from me this morning, I have not received word from you. Try again.

If you wanna come, send me a line. Places are being picked *as we speak*. You Don't Want To Miss Out, because this May Never Happen Again, and Your Grandchildren will Ask You Why you Didn't Go.


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  1. If you are e-mailing me for the first time, please include:

    A list of BBQ places you've heard of, noting:
    -which you've been too.
    -what you think of them.
    -and which you might like to pick something up from.

    Thank you. That will be all.


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    1. re: Thi N.

      While I can understand your not wanting to broadcast an exact address, it might be helpful if you were to give an approximate idea of the location.

      I (living in Hollywood) wouldn't want to pick up a bunch of Arby-Qs and then find out that I'd have to drive to Encinitas, for instance.

      1. re: TE

        I understand it will be near Olympic and Highland. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

        1. re: JL

          Yes indeed, we have tried for the most central location possible. It is right near the intersection of Olympic and Highland. Yes.

          Galoshes will be provided in case of severe flooding.


    2. Wish I could attend the grub-fest, but alas, cannot. Hope someone includes ribs from the Lighthouse on Western just south of Venice.

      1. I am ready to eat barbecue, however you spell it. Please count me in for Thursday's taste test.

        1. Been out of town...are we talking the 6th? That's my bday and I sadly have other plans (no doubt my sig other would love to be informed "we're having my bday dinner with a bunch of strangers I met online" much as *I'd* be thrilled). Please let me know if I'm mistaken...but if not please schedule a rematch as I'll move mountains to be there.