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Aug 29, 2001 10:17 PM

Al Noor on Inglewood

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I've been invited to this Pakistani restaurant in Lawndale and am curious if anyone knows anything about it...

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  1. Decent place. I thought Al Watan (a grungier pakistani place in the same general vicinity) was better overall, but Al Noor does have one of the best chicken tikkas I've ever eaten, better than the one at Al Watan (and, incidentally, for those who prefer white meat as I do, Al Noor does offer that unlike Al Watan). If it's a variety of Indian dishes you seek, try Al Watan; if its grilled meats and chicken tikka in particular, go to Al Noor. Both can't be beaten for the price though.

    1. Based on a my only visit, their idea of medium hot is everybody else's idea of extra spicy. Unless you like things very hot, order yours mild.