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Jan 26, 2008 08:12 AM

hendersonville Italian

Can someone tell me the name of the newish italian restaurant in hendersonville. Not Potenza, on the other side of the street. ?

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  1. they seem to be popping up all over now......there is La Riserva across Main from Potenza (diagonally I think), Mona Lisa on 8th and Church, West First on W. 1st Ave (around the corner from Potenza), and a new one is going in on Washington near Sinbad's. It seems like I might be forgetting one or two others, but can't think of them right now.

    La Riserva is pricey, but very good. West 1st is great for casual pizza and pasta dishes (different stuff not "spaghetti and meatballs). We thought Mona Lisa had decent food, but not great service.

    Hope that helps!

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        The new italian restaurant on Washington is La Cappella Carmella and it's just south of Sinbads on the same side. I dropped by on Thursday nite to pickup their menu. Here's a rundown -
        Appetizers - $7 to $10 - shrimp cocktail, tomato caprese, stuffed mushrooms, calamari, fried mozzarella, shrimp crustini.
        Soups - $5 to $6 - wedding soup, pasta fagioli
        Salads - $6 to $10 - house, antipasti
        Signature dishes -
        Roasted Pork Loin - $19
        Ossobuco - $22
        Stracotta al Barolo - $19
        Ribeye or filet - $19 to $23
        Pastas - $13 to $17 - various and just what you would expect, including Chicken or Eggplant Parmigania

        The dining room is in the main Church and it includes two large tables on the altar. There is a small cafe(?) or bakery (?) also - maybe you could get a coffee and pastry during the day.

        They also serve lunch - Soup, salads, hoagies, pasta - $5 to $12

        As of last Thursday, they did not have their beer/wine license and thought it would be about a month before they would get it. I don't know if they will have a full liquor bar.

        I have not eaten there and don't know anybody that, cannot make any recommendations.

        There is also Mezza Luna opening sometime soon on Main Street - next to Black Rose (same owner, I think). Downtown H'ville is getting lousy with Italian restaurants - is there really room for this many?

        - ate at Mona Lisa on Thursday. Was my second visit (1st was last summer) and it was surprisingly good. Just what you'd expect from a decent mom & pop type italian place.
        - La Riserva - I dream about their soups. Have never had the same one twice and every single one is amazing.

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          Thanks so much Nancy! I drove past there earlier today and noted the name (before I saw your post). Looks like it's got your usual fare at reasonable "nice night out" prices (assuming it's good - ha!). I'll have to give it go sometime soon. Certainly an interesting atmosphere! I think they may have problems being off the beaten path though..... :-/

          I'm wondering how Mezza Luna will be. Supposed to be nice looking inside, but I am very underwhelmed by the food and service at Black Rose, so that worries me some if it's going to be the same folks.

          We thought Mona Lisa was pretty good too depending on what you get and their service is hit or miss. Their layout and logistics (people waiting practically on top of tables of diners, clogging the front door, AND the only service lane to the kitchen) is just stupid, but I guess they work with what they have. I haven't tried their pizzas (I'm hooked on West 1st and Acropolis!), but I hear they're good.

          We LOVE La Riserva. Have only been once shortly after opening and what we had was fabulous. We are itchin' to go back! I do wish his prices were a little lower though - something more in line with the old Sparacino's Restaurant pricing.

      2. Ate at La Riserva last Friday and it was really terrific. Not as pricey as some have said, and well worth it anyway. But despite being advertised as open for dinner Tuesday onwards, it was closed tonight (Wednesday) with no sign posted. Not very professional.

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          I find it very disturbing to see an on-line menu with no wine or food prices
          This is Hendersonville not NYC

          1. re: mustardgirl

            Agree with you, mustardgirl, about no prices on the on-line menu. I have two thoughts: 1. at least give a price range if prices are changing depending on the market and 2. the prices are probably changing faster than they can be posted, practically. A local baker told me a week ago that the price of flour doubled in one month. A different restaurant owner told me he switched from Sysco to Sams to save money, but because he doesn't want to raise prices or make portions smaller, he's only making enough profit at this point to pay his staff! Tough times.

            Prices are posted on the menu outside La Riserva, but it would be nice to know ahead of driving down there.