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Jan 26, 2008 07:46 AM

looking for fresh horseradish in hwd/silverlake

anyone spotted this lately? i'm sure they carry it at bristol farms or whole foods but i hate going to weho.

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  1. What about Gelsons on Hyperion, or the Whole Foods in Glendale?

    1. do you mean the whole thing in the produce aisle, or just freshly prepared? If the latter, Magee's in Farmers Market is the place for the best horseradish. They make it every day.

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        If you mean the whole thing in the produce aisle, as Passover approaches, it will become easier and easier to find in ordinary supermarkets such as Ralph's.

        1. re: emmy

          if you mean freshly ground - magee's at the farmers market on 3rd and fairfax has it.

          if you want killer prepared horseradish - the strongest i"ve found is locally made - Atomic brand horseradish - be careful. canter's sells it and i've seen it at some ralphs and vons.