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Jan 26, 2008 07:32 AM

[HOU] Daily Review Cafe?

I am wondering what Houston hounds think of the Daily Review Cafe. I was taken there for lunch during an interview, and remember it being very pleasant, but as you might imagine I wasn't really focusing on the food at the time. I'm moving to Houston now, and am curious to know whether my impression was correct. Any opinions?

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  1. Daily Review has been around for a long time, and I believe it has had changes in ownership over the years, but it has always been a good choice for upscale "New American"/comfort food. When weather permits, it has a very nice outdoor dining area as well. The chicken pot pie is one of the old standbys, but there are plenty of other good things on the menu. It is convenient to downtown, so it can be a good choice for a business lunch.

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      Don't how long ago you went there mjust but Daily Review has been around for quite some time. I used to love it when it first opened and Claire Smith was the chef. That was several years ago now. Can't say that I have been in a few years. I do, however, like Claire Smith's newer restaurant in the Heights called Shade. It serves similar new American cuisine.

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        Definitely recommend Shade as well. It doesn't have the nice patio, but the food is excellent.

    2. A couple months ago someone from out of town was looking for a Sat. brunch place. He ended up at the Daily. Here is his thread:

      1. daily review has really gone downhill. this seems to be the consensus among my foodie friends too. i went there twice last year and vowed never to return. it's not worth it anymore at those prices. albeit, it's a very cute restaurant with a great patio. perfect for brunch, but check out backstreet cafe instead.

        1. Thanks for the responses, all!

          1. I've had just the opposite experience as neverfull--I think Daily Review is great--they have the best crab cakes of just about anywhere I've been in Houston, but I think Backstreet has gone downhill. I swore never to go back after my last bad experience, but will try it again after never's positive review.