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Aug 29, 2001 06:43 PM

M & M Soulfood in Pasadena

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Just discovered this place last weekend, on Washington just off Lake. It's a classic meat-n-three, that could easily exist in some small Georgia town. Meat (smothered porkchops, fried chicken, spareribs, meatloaf, etc.) comes with choice of 3 vegetables (mashed potatoes, greens, blackeyed peas, mac-n-cheese, and so on) and cornbread. They even have sweet tea! Vegatables were obviously cooked long and slow on the stove, and no doubt helped along with a little pork for flavoring. They were a little understaffed (we seemed to be there between rush times), but to say the two guys waiting AND bussing did a bang-up job would be an understatement. Got some sweetpotatopie to go, and it was kind of strange in texture...very dense, kind of tough even, but other than that--top notch!

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    1. re: Steph P

      The name is M & M Soulfood.

      1. re: chris o

        There are a few M & M Soulfood in the LA area. I've been to the one near LAX.

        1. re: Schudog

          Thank you so much!
          I found the one near LAX a year or three ago, but when I last went there a few months ago it was closed, and I despaired of finding a restaurant to replace it.
          I hadn't realized that there was one located right in my backyard.