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Jan 26, 2008 07:12 AM

Toaster oven recs

I'm in the market for a toaster oven. I've looked at a few, but I have no idea what I'm looking for, how much I should spend or anything else.

Can anyone give me some pointers? The only serious requirement I have is that it have a fairly small footprint.

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  1. Too early to tell yet, but when my B&D toaster oven (about 7 years old) finally bit it (kept catching my bagels on fire), I obsessively read all the toaster oven reviews at Amazon & I decided on the Sanyo VF7S. I was amazed that I couldn't find it in a brick & mortar store, I live in a pretty heavily populated area, ordered it from Amazon, & got it almost overnight.

    Toasting is pretty simple, it's not too large, still have a few things to figure out w/ the oven function, & it doesn't just top-broil (but you can use the pan to simulate this), but I'm hoping it will be a good choice. I just wasn't happy w/ the reviews of the newer B&D models...

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      I won't buy another B&D appliance ever again. They've given me too many shoddy products. I bought an Oster convection toaster oven at Costco this morning, but I havent used it yet. It kind of violates my small footprint rule, but so did most of them.

      I'm a single guy and was getting tired of firing up the big oven to broil a steak or bake a couple of chicken breasts -- it seemed wasteful and took too long. I wanted something that could take over some of the oven chores, and the reviews on the Oster were pretty decent.

      One of the things that B&D does that no one else seems to is make appliances that can be mounted under a cabinet to keep them off the counter. If they'd just make good appliances that could be mounted under a cabinet, they'd have a business model that would work.

    2. I like my Cuisinart Classic better than either of its predecessors--it does everything I've asked of it (I also use it a lot in place of the regular oven) and is the easiest to clean of the three.

      1. I had a GE that worked fine for years. My mother-in-law moved to assisted living and half her house came to mine including a shiny new B&D. Out went the old trusted GE and in came the B &D that burns everything I put in it. Woe is me. This thread reminds me that I'm sending DH out to buy me a new GE.

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        1. re: VAfoodie

          Then you had best send your DH to the nearest Wal-mart. GE sold their small appliance business to B&D in 1984. Your "old trusted GE" may even have been made by B&D, although I believe all GE stuff was rebranded to B&D shortly after the sale. Today there remain GE branded small appliances, but as far as I can tell they are made by a variety of manufacturers, mostly of course in China. Also, they are sold exclusively by Wal-Mart, nobody else. The true role of today's GE in all this is murky, to say the least, but my suspision is that in truth it amounts to little more than licensing the logo. More than half of GE's revenue today comes from financial businesses, not manufacturing.

          1. re: johnb

            Anything from a microwave size and bigger might still be made by GE, but yeah, all that smaller stuff including toaster ovens is part of basically a Wal-Mart store brand now. There were no GE small appliances for several years after the B&D purchase. Then came this licensing arrangement with Wal-Mart. I'm not sure but my guess is that Wal-Mart itself is the licensee.

            1. re: CrazyOne

              I LOVE my Dualit toaster oven. We've used it non-stop (at least 2x a day) for the past 3 years - no problems. I love love love my toaster oven.

        2. HI- I too am in the market for a larger Toaster oven, 2 have caught my eye- GE Select Edition sold @ Wal-Mart and the Euro-Pro T021 Digital.

          GE has been around for years but you never know how well the products will perform.

          Have any suggestions?
          Thanks!! Debbi

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          1. re: debh

            I don't have personal experience with either of those, but here is a link to the top three toaster ovens on 3Luxe: - it's a start at least, and all of the options are definitely large. What do you want to do with it? Reheat things, bake, etc.?

            Also, like the other posters here, I tend to find that toaster ovens are awesome for any number of things, but making actual toast is not one of them.

          2. I’ve had a number of toaster ovens over the years and the one problem that I’ve observed with all of them is that they don’t do toast very well. They all seem to take too long to heat up from a cold start. This causes the bread to dry out before it browns. It’s as if you’re making toast with stale bread.

            Shopping around on-line I found a Panasonic oven (Model NB-G100P) that uses infrared lamps rather than resistance rods or wires. I bought it about a year ago and it has worked great since. It has a number of presets (time & temp) and all of them work well, e.g., toast, toast-frozen, roll-reheat, pizza-frozen, etc. It makes great toast in about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. It comes with a broiler pan, but I’ve only used it to reheat leftovers not cook things from scratch. I mainly use it to toast bread, bagels, rolls and muffins or to reheat leftover pizza and the like. Also, it has a relatively small footprint that takes up little counter space.

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            1. re: TomDel

              I would love to get my hands on one of those Panasonic infrared ovens, but absolutely everybody is apparently sold out of them and doesn't know when they will get more. The few I have seen on eBay have been very pricey. If anyone knows where I can get one I'd be much obliged.

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                Yeah, I see what you mean. Everyone is listing it as either discontinued or sold out. I bought mine on 2/1/07 from for $79.88. I hope I can get a replacement lamp for it if one burns out.

              2. re: TomDel

                The Panasonic oven sounds great. Does anyone have any idea why Panasonic has stopped making it?

                1. re: josephnl

                  I have no idea why Panasonic stopped selling them. However, I don’t think this product was originally designed to be sold in the states because the temperature presets are very odd in Fahrenheit (250, 285, 320, etc.) but when converted to Celsius (120, 140, 160, etc.) they’re approximately 20 degrees apart.
                  On a different note, didn’t GE make an over-the-range infrared oven that was meant to compete with microwave ovens? I seem to recall a TV commercial with a family using it to cook chicken or something that they were going to take to a football game. The pitch was that it cooked it so fast that they arrived at the stadium way too early. This ad ran maybe 4 or 5 years ago.