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cafeTeria on Newbury? anyone been?

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just saw a clip on TVD.
anyone been?

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  1. For some reason I have absolutely no desire to try this place. Bottega Fiorentina is opening across the street though! YAY!

    1. Nadeau at The Phoenix doesn't think very highly of it: http://thephoenix.com/article_ektid55...

      1. why pay $10 for a tray of Cafeteria food? it is like 2nd grade all over again. yuck

        1. I have to agree, walk past Cafeteria and go to Bottega Fiorntina! The food is by far superior and the price significantly cheaper. They opened I believe the 29th and I have eaten there four times already. In my defense my office is right there and after working in this area for two years you g row tired of the places in the Prudential Center quickly!

          I havnt had a bad experience yet.

          1. I was here for lunch two weeks ago and the food was good. We only had sandwiches and salads, but everything was delicious. The cork-esque chairs are kind of a fun touch. I can see the Armani Cafe crowd migrating down to this end of Newbury..

            1. Have not been there, but ordered through Dining In one night just to give something different a try. Ordered a soup and an entree. The soup was a butternut squash bisque, which had NO flavor. It was as if they had forgotten to taste it before deciding it was serve-worthy. The entree was the gnocchi with short ribs, oyster mushrooms and gorgonzola dolce, and it was fantastic. HOWEVER, it cost $20 and I received about 1/3 of a cup of it (less than a healthy appetizer portion). I was very disappointed, and almost thought about calling to let them know it was so yummy, I would like to have it again, if not at that price, but I never got around to it. The reviews don't sound good, though. I guess I'll learn to make this dish myself!

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                I've only been there once and ordered the gnocchi too. I must agree that it was AMAZING! I did get much more than 1/3 of a cup when dining there in person. My friend ordered a pizza that was not very good at all. So perhaps the lesson here is to only get the gnocchi if you ever go there.

              2. Save your money and go somewhere else. Went for drinks and dinner last Thursday night. The Sangria looked and tasted like kool-aid that had been adulterated with a shot of peach schnapps. When we mentioned to the waitress that the sangria tasted overly sweet and seemed to have little to no wine in it she said she would ask the bartender -- she sweetly ignored our request and never came back with an answer or showed any concern as our glasses remained untouched. As for the food, I was completely under whelmed. The Carbonara, while tasty - consisted of exactly 4 bites of pasta and an overload of bacon. Bolognese was the same story. Thin crust pizza was just ok. The flourless chocolate cake was just - meh. Next time, I’ll take the $18 for the pasta and go to Via Matta for something decent. The only saving grace is the reasonably priced wines by the glass and bottle.

                1. I recently went to Cafeteria for lunch and I would only recommend it to people I don't like. It was really lame. I found the decor to be a low-budget Stella rip off and it looked like it was slapped together in a hurry. I ate in the lower level as the upstairs doesn't appear to be open for business. My first introduction to the Caf was a basket of stale uneventful bread and a plate of olive-oil. Stale seemed to be the theme here. The kobe burger tastes like chuck burger and while it wasn't bad, the bun completely ruined it. Someone should tell the chef to slap a twist-tie on the bun bags overnight to keep them from going stale. When you order a martini, its nice to see the olives sunk in the bottom with out a toothpick holding them together. I'm not sure about you, but I love fishing through my drink with my fingers trying to grab my garnish. The calamari was very good, but for some strange reason we only got a quarter ramekin's worth of aoili (which was delicious). Also there was an excess of fried batter, reminded me of what you find at the bottom of any clam plate in New England. My friend's sandwich (chicken pannini) was also stale and a bit cold. It lacked flavor and the basil mayo seemed non-existent. I hate to be so negative, but I wouldn't want anyone else to waste their bucks.