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Jan 26, 2008 05:27 AM

The Cafe @Country??

Hi, going to the Cafe @ Country for brunch tomorrow and wanted to see if there were any 'must-have' dishes. Also, are jeans acceptable or too casual?? Thanks

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  1. Can't say anything about the current menu since our experiences in the Cafe are not recent and were dinners, not brunch, but I think jeans would certainly be acceptable.

    1. I had their ceasar salad by way of room service, I was staying at the Carlton hotel, and it was one of the best ceasar salads I have ever eaten. It had prosciutto in it, homemade croutons and a boiled egg.

      1. I had brunch there just a couple of months ago with a friend who shares my approach of ordering everything on the menu that looks interesting. Absolutely everything was terrific (though the accompaniments for the charcuterie plate were a bit more sparse than they have been when we ordered it at dinner), and I particularly remember the soups and the mac & cheese. Another recent thread here noted that this place may have gone downhill a bit from the time it first opened, but I have to say I've never had a disappointing meal, and have scarcely had a disappointing dish here (one time the gnocchi were a touch too heavy), and have been going for years. Also to recommend it for brunch--it was pretty uncrowded and low-key, though you might want to ask to be moved if they seat you at one of the small bistro-type tables along the window-wall--it can actually be a bit hard to fit all the food on those tables. Generally, I don't think you can go wrong (I'd probably make this my weekly brunch place if I didn't live in Brooklyn). Enjoy! Oh yeah, jeans are fine.