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Jan 26, 2008 05:03 AM

Thoughts on Nico's or Fora in Naples?

Celebrating a birthday, just 2 of us. Have been to Bono's and Christy's. Looking to try something new in the Naples, Belmont Shore area.

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  1. One the dineLA site, I noticed a new restaurant in Naples called Michael's on Naples
    Haven't been, but would also like input on this place if anyone has been.

    1. Would suggest Nico's for the food, romantic candlelit ambiance, delicious martini's, extensive wine list, it is a sweet spot for a celebration. You can dine there and then head over to Kelly's or Morry's for an afterdinner drink. On Friday night my boyfriend and I weren't able to get a reservation for 2 at Michael's on Naples until 9pm, a little late to dine but we wanted to try out the new restaurant. We spent the better part of the evening in the bar at Nico's waiting for our table at Michael's. We arrived at Michael's after standing around near the entrance among the Shore locals (we couldn't even reach the bar to get a drink), we stood around waiting until 9:20 when we were given the first table by the door sandwiched between other diners and in front of the loud and overflowing bar. It was not overflowing in a good way! The restaurant is the size of a matchbook. We felt as if the hostess was doing us a favor by finally seating us and their preferred guests were the locals at the bar. By the way, we live in East Long Beach so we aren't from way out of town--either way it was not a warm welcome. We opted to leave and walked right back to Nico's! At Nico's they were all to happy to seat and serve us. Go to Nico's and wait for the hype of Michael's to die down.

      1. I really like Fora. Their tasting menu with wine pairings is very nice and they choose great wines. I also enjoy the white cranberry cosmo if I'm in the mood for a floofy drink. Overall, it beats the pants off Bono's, which I've always found to be inconsistent.

        1. we actually did something pretty brave and took a party of 12 to Michaels 2 weeks after they opened...I know, I know, BUT we had a fantastic meal and the service was decent. The staff is working hard at getting up to the caliber of the food and decor. We met Michael and his wife and they shared with us that they brought the chef over from Italy. We tried several dishes and nothing to complain about. The wine list is very nice. We'll be going back with just a few of us to check them out further (just to make sure the fun our group was having didn't influence our opinion of the food!) Worth a try.

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            Another vote for Michael's here, easily the best thing to come to Long Beach in quite a while.