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Aug 28, 2001 02:17 PM

Italian bakery-S.M./West Side?

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On a recent trip to S.Fransisco my wife fell in love with these little soft Italian "marzipan" cookies.

Can they be found anywhere in the westside, or Santa Monica?


Bob S.

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  1. The VERY best Italian bakery is Bay Cities Importing on Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica. They also have a deli that serves great sandwiches. Try them. You will not be disappointed.

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    1. re: Susan

      Hey--I recently discovered a gorgeous little Italian bakery in my own neighborhood--it's called Massimo's Delectables, at 13222 W. Washington Blvd., a few minutes East of Lincoln Blvd. in the Marina. It's actually just around the corner from Washington on Redwood. Going in, you feel like you're in Europe. Haven't tried anything except a delectable champagne strawberry cheesecake they gave me for free for being so excited to be in there!

      1. re: C.B.

        They're bread is also great - one of the best I've had in the US (and I live around the corner from LB Bakery) - although they don't bake everyday

        1. re: stevenwacks

          They bake their bread on Friday and Saturday - they suggest stopping by around 1:00 pm as the best time. Haven't made it there on bread day yet but hope to!