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Cold Stone Creamery - closed in Scarsdale & Rye

I just saw a "SPACE AVAILABLE" sign right outside the closed Cold Stone Creamery on Weaver Street in Scarsdale. That store lasted exactly one year. The one in Rye on Purchase Street looks closed too.

I could never understand how that concept could stay in business. I have almost never had a good experience at a CSC. The ice cream takes forever to be made once you order it, so it was not worthing standing on any lines there.

Customers do not want to wait 15-20 minutes on line to get an ice cream cone while listening to the employees sing these inane little ditties the store requires them to sing!

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  1. Awww, too bad. The one in Mamaroneck closed as well. I couldn't understand how people wanted a 'show' with their ice cream. Ick. I read about one person who paid the ice cream maker $20. NOT to put on a show.

    1. I guess it was just a fad. A very short lived one too!

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        Weird. I walked right by Coldstone in Rye on Wednesday and didn't notice anything. No great loss. We tried Coldstone once after it opened, thought it was terrible and never went back. Now, if something good would just go in.

        1. re: marcia2

          I didn't even know there was one on Weaver Street in Scarsdale. It's funny, but the Ben and Jerry's on Heathcote in Scarsdale didn't make it either. Yet, the Last Licks on Weaver is always busy. Is it quality of product, location, other services (ie Last Licks gets sports personalities), or franchise issues?

          1. re: lucyis

            I think it all comes down to the fact that it's easy to park at Last Licks, and it was not as easy to park at Ben and Jerry's!

            1. re: scarsdalesurprise

              Maybe its because you can purchase Ben and Jerry's in the market -- I know its not the same as getting it "fresh" or is it?

              Also, maybe people support and have a loyalty to "smaller" local run businesses?

          2. re: marcia2

            Heck, I'd be happy if Haagen Daz went back to their former spot in Mamaroneck. I know this won't happen.

            I liked their ice cream cakes.

            I haven't found any local ice cream stores that give a honking amount of ice cream for the outrageous prices they charge. The only one I'm happy with is the Carousel, and it's not local -- it's on Martha's Vineyard.

            1. re: dolores

              Haapen Dazs reopened last week on their former spot 66 mamaroneck ave, I ordered a big ice cream cake for mother day. So beautiful that i don't want to eat it. they renovated the shop for 3 months. cleaner and brighter than before. i will definetely be back

              1. re: jacobsonhotchick

                Did they??

                Good. Their cakes were far superior to Carvel.

                1. re: dolores

                  In Mamaroneck? I thought I saw a sign up that they were putting some kind of Asian place in there.

                  1. re: Avalondaughter

                    Avalondaughter, I just googled and myspace is looking for an ice cream operator for Haagen Daz at 66 mamaroneck ave.

                    Is that their former space?

                    1. re: dolores

                      No, Avalondaughter, in White Plains.

                      66 Mamaroneck Avenue
                      White Plains, NY 10601
                      (914) 946-8498

                      Too bad. I don't do WP.

                      1. re: dolores

                        yes, same spot, i live close by, go there every weekend.
                        66 mamaroneck ave, white plains, ny 10601, their phone number changed 914-683-3999 , very friendly people working there. once in a while, they have special sale, you get 50% off on your order

                      2. re: Avalondaughter

                        Avalon - yes we are getting yet another Asian place on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck - Umami or something near Chocolations on the Payless block. They are billing themselves as an Asian Bistro so imagine its either fusion or a variety of Asian but surely, in case the three Japanese restaurants already there weren't enough, Umami will have Japanese items on their menu too.

                        And just when you thought there couldn't be even more - I was told that the very large Space - on the opposite side of the walkway next to CVS - where Pizza Connection used to be - is going to be a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. In case you didn't have enough teriyaki options...

              2. re: RawTunaFan

                I was not a fan of Cold Stone and not sorry to see them go and hadn't noticed the one in Mamaroneck was gone. However, just want to say that the concept is actually a very old one and Cold Stone didn't create it. It was original to Steve's Ice Cream in Boston on Mass. Ave - pounding ice cream on a marble slab and adding mix-ins and since they take their ice cream very seriously in Boston, everything was fresh and great tasting. In the mid-80's Steve's briefly expanded and had at least one Manhattan store that I'm aware of. They even had pints in the supermarket which basically made no sense as the greatness of it all was to have them smoosh the ice cream flavor of your choosing with the mix-ins of your choosing. Anyway, it didn't last. I believe the original Steve's is still there in Boston and I hope it's still as great as it once but it's been a while.

                Cold Stone, it would seem, took the Steve's concept and revived it some 20 years later added the obnoxious singing for tips and franchised themselves like crazy. Cold Stone's ice cream never really tasted of anything - made from mixes I've been told and was never very good.

                I guess the novelty of Cold Stone is wearing off and people are realizing their ice cream isn't very good and their prices unjustified. I will note that two similar franchises - Maggie Moo's and Marble Slab, neither local in Westchester that I'm aware of - have much fresher and better tasting ice cream than Cold Stone.

                Now, if Westchester could just get some fresh, homemade ice cream places in their place we'd be in business - see last year's long thread on the subject. For the record, across Mamaroneck Ave. from where Cold Stone is/was, is the newish Sal's gelateria. However, that didn't do it for me. I love gelato but theirs was only mediocre and at very high prices - $4 for a tiny cup and I mean tiny. Also nowhere near the variety of flavors or atmosphere of a real Italian gelateria.

                1. re: laylag

                  Wow, thanks laylag. I hadn't tried Sal's place yet and now won't.

                  I also found Longford's to be waaaaaay overpriced for a, imo, tiny dish of ice cream. I don't think this area will ever see an ice cream place that gives gobs of ice for a reasonable price, do you?

                  1. re: dolores

                    You know Dolores, Sal's wasn't terrible but I was disappointed. Everyone has their "things" and one of mine is gelato - I'm very particular about it having eaten way too much of it in Italy - the good, bad and the extraordinary. Sal's flavors weren't intense enough - we had pistachio and nocciola. Neither gave you that fresh roasted nuttiness that makes each spoon a revalation. And, if you are going to charge $4 for something the size of a toddler's cup it had better be really, really good. Sal's wasn't despite my high hopes.

                    As for Longford's, as a result of that thread last year I learned their ice cream is full of stabilizers and other additives - "own made" apparently being a disingenuous attempt to have us believe it's "homemade". It's not. It's from a factory and no diff from anything in the supermarket . I always disliked their weighing policy too and once I found out about the additives figured I'm better off spending $6 on tub of Edy's (or two when on sale) slow-churned light. Now when I need homemade, fresh ice cream- just milk, cream, sugar ice cream with great flavors, I head to Paleteria Fernanez. Not the sit down and have a giant sundae kind of experience but great stuff stuff.

                    1. re: laylag

                      True, laylag. Then again, totally disproportionate to price, I decided to splurge on an ice cream maker. And OMG.

                      I'm perfectly happy with a 56 oz. 'half gallon' of Turkey Hill or a 'still' 16 oz. pint of Haagen Daz.

                      I miss Jahn's in Eastchester.

                      1. re: dolores

                        Turkey Hill makes a light Peanut Butter Brittle (my light ice cream preference simply a caloric issue - not about overall flavor and quality.) Anyway, that one is amazing- if you're a peanut butter lover as I am. I've only found it at the Port Chester S&S though.

                        I may have to get me one of those ice cream makers. I wonder how fat free milk would work out.

                        1. re: laylag

                          Omigosh, I grew up in Bayside and we had a wonderful Jahns. I also loved the old Howard Johnson ice cream. I agree with you , laylag, the Edy's slow churned light IS very good. I like the vanilla with some Trader Joe's salted crunchy peanut butter mixed in. The plain frogurt at Bloomingdales, or even the Baby Yogurt place in the Westchester, is a good alternative. Heck there are days I get a yen for the soft serve at mcDonald's although I don't want to think about the stabilizers in there!
                          Sorry ColdStone buhbye.

                          1. re: lucyis

                            I remember the Jahn's in Bayside. I went to Queensborough CC and one of eh girls in my crowd had the same birthday as I and a bunch of us (maybe 10 or so) would go there for our birthday sundaes and of course the kitchen sink. As far as CSC goes, I just thought that they are way overpriced. If I have a 2 for one coupon then I go there with my wife and her sister and we get 2 large whatevers and I take one and my wife and her sister share the other one.

                      2. re: laylag

                        You touch on my pet peeve,-nothing tastes like it used to, especially ice cream and baked goods. The core ingredients are no longer available to the stores without shelf stabilizers. Only a survivalist who breeds his own chickens and cows and grows his own grains can replicate a 1960's tasting ice cream cone (certainly a franchisee in the chain or corporate distribution has no shot). It's not just that we've gotten older or we're being nostalgic. It also seems that since the Edy's slow churned came out, not a few ice cream stores have bitten the dust in the area, since (besides the fact that it's a grueling way to make a living) they didn't offer anything tasting much fresher IMHO.

                        1. re: addictedtolunch

                          Steve's was great. IIRC, Emack & Bolio's also does mix-ins. I had some of their ice cream on the Cape last summer and it was still wonderful.

                          I think Sal's and Longford's are ok. Not great, but acceptable. I live near Rye and sometimes Longford's is just a decent place to take my son for an ice cream cone. The best gelato and sorbet I've found in the area is at Meli Melo on Greenwich Ave. The flavors are strong and true; the mint chocolate chip tastes of fresh mint, not mint flavoring. Unfortunately, it's not an ice cream sundae kind of place.

                          This is what I get for moving to the New York area. Boston does ice cream much better. (Wanders off muttering dreamily about Bailey's. . . )

                          1. re: marcia2

                            Laylag, Longford's stopped selling their ice cream by weight about a year ago.

                            Dolores- Jahn's in Eastchester-- what a great memory! Remember all the bottles of sprinkles lining the walls?

                            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                              laylag, does Longford's still charge $7.00 for what, to me, is a mouthful of ice cream? One visit was enough after that.

                              Nooo, darn it, I don't remember the sprinkles! I remember the 'kitchen sink', which I never tried, but I do remember gobs of ice cream for reasonable prices.

                              I guess those days are gone forever.

                              1. re: dolores

                                I don't know how much they charge - as per post below, I last went probably at least a year ago.

                                1. re: laylag

                                  As did I, laylag. Or two years ago, can't remember. My first and last time, since a small dish of ice cream was in the neighborhood of $7.00.

                              2. re: Dim Sum Diva

                                Guess that's how long it's been since I've chosen not to buy overpriced mediocre quality ice cream.

                              3. re: marcia2

                                You are right Marcia. Went to school up in Boston and they definitely do ice cream way better than New York. Steve's and Emack's were just phenomenal. Emack's used to have some cinnamon flavored ice cream (can't recall the exact name) that was orgasmic. The didn't do mix-ins when I lived up there though. That was Steve's thing.

                                However, what NY lacks in ice cream it makes up for in a ton of other categories including, this year, football championships. : )

                          2. re: dolores

                            I just tried Sal's for the first time and I really liked it. I had the Bacio and my DH had the caramello and we were both very happy with it. I had a small size and I couldn't finish it (and I have a huge appetite). Maybe I just have a horribly unsophisticated palate?

                            1. re: Avalondaughter

                              Hey avalon, have been in several times since posting this and had a different experience than the first one I posted about. Apparently the small serving was the misguided action of a server who believed she should swipe off any gelato over the level of the rim. Maybe it was management's early direction though - I don't know. However, recent visits resulted in a generously overfilled small cups. My daughter loves the Nutella.

                      3. I'm wondering if it's more than just lack of interest that closed Cold Stone, at least in Mamaroneck. It was always crowded when I went there. I noticed that there was some legal notice on the door saying they hadn't been paying their rent. The fact that they all closed at once seems a bit weird to me.

                        I liked it when it first opened because it was fun to create new ice cream flavors. It did get old after a while. I found myself mixing in the same stuff most of the time and the ice cream does have a rather artificial taste to it.

                        I have always liked Longford's, but I'm not going to get in my car and drive to Rye or Larchmont for ice cream. I guess I'll have to try Sal's eventually.

                        The BEST ice cream ever is at Bellvale Creamery. (http://www.bellvalefarms.com/creamery...) It's a bit of a road trip (I happen to be in that area every weekend because I keep my horses nearby), but worth every minute. Too bad it's only open from April-November.

                        You can't get ice cream any fresher (it comes from their own cows!-the dairy farm is right down the road). The flavors are very natural tasting. The consistency is wonderful.

                        In March I begin counting down the days until Bellvale opens.

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                        1. re: Avalondaughter

                          Thanks, Avalondaughter. I'll have to put that on my 'must try' list in place of Casa Brusco. I have been to Warwick.

                          1. re: Avalondaughter

                            I went here based on a rec on another similar thread, and totally agree that the ice cream here at Bellvale is exactly what good homemade ice cream should be, and it's wonderfully creamy indeed. Very reasonably priced as well. Another bonus is the incredible valley view from the hilltop where this ice cream shop is located.

                          2. The one in Greenwich also closed. I never ate there because when I saw the process, I knew it wasn't safe for my daughter who has a food allergy.

                            A neighbor of the store (real estate firm) told me that they apparently didn't pay a single month's rent since the time they opened. I wonder if the chain is going under.

                            1. The CSC in Mamaroneck actually closed a few months ago. Not sure exactly when, but we had dinner at Toyo in mid-October for my daughter's birthday and after dinner we were going to go in for ice cream just because it was right there. The only time I've ever had CSC was a few years ago on 42nd Street. My husband and I were very surprised that it was closed since the chain seemed to be expanding everywhere. We ended up going to Sal's, and I can't even remember if it was good or bad, so I guess it couldn't have been too good (or bad for that matter).

                              It is weird, though, how they are all closing...

                              Ok, I just googled CSC creamery and came up with this from Wikipedia. There was a merger and in September 2007 the former president/ceo of CSC left a new person was appointed. That explains why things started happening at that time. (I'm on vacation in Mexico and in the hotel room while my son takes a nap, so I have time on my hands!)


                              1. In Upstate NY there is a small chain that mixes various things into ice cream on a cold slab called Frosty Rock. I think that is hilarious. Hmmm, I wonder who they are trying to imitate.

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                                1. re: ajs42548

                                  2 quick points
                                  1. This doesn't sound like a healthy company
                                  2. Mexico sounds wonderful...get some sun for me!

                                  1. re: ajs42548

                                    There's also Marble Slab, another chain.

                                  2. Two closed here in Connecticut as well very abruptly - SoNo and Wilton - very strange. The ones in Fairfield and Milford Mall are going strong though. I like their stuff when I'm craving it about once a quarter - sweet cream and vanilla cake batter rock when you are in the mood for it!

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                                      My daughter has worked for the CSC in Somers for a while, but doesn't anymore since she is back at school. They (another owner) recently closed the store in Carmel, NY. I wonder if all of the stores in southern Westchester that are being discussed here were all owned by a single franchisee?

                                      My favorite CSC mix is either sweet cream or dark chocolate (when they have it) with cookie dough (double is even better), coconut, fudge and chocolate shavings. Yum!

                                      1. re: MisterBill2

                                        We walked by the Coldstone in White Plains, (next to Legal's) on Saturday night and it was open with a sign saying it was under new management, so I'm kind of leaning towards the theory of a problem with a single franchisee.

                                        1. re: marcia2

                                          The 2 near my home on Long Island are still open, the only flavor I like is the sweet cream with nothing added. But way too expensive

                                    2. I must say that I love Coldstone. There's just something about it. I personally don't like the singing or the show and I'm not a huge fan of the wait, but then again who is? I think oatmeal cookie batter, chocolate and cake batter together with a bunch of mixings is awesome.

                                      I'm not a huge fan of the prices either but, I still enjoy it and have never had a bad experience. I will say they're going downhill. Last time I went I found out their cookie dough is different now. It was a bad different too.

                                      I like Frosty Rock Creamery in Middletwon NY. They have two other locations as well. I think they're pretty good.

                                      1. As I stated in my original post, I never could see how they could make any good money because the time it took to serve customers was FOREVER. The lines were always mercilessly slow, so either people got fed up waiting, or the costs of serving people were too high versus the overhead. It never seemed to be a profitable business concept to me.

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                                        1. re: PlasticMoonRain

                                          It doesn't seem like you can have an operation like that and run it quickly when every order of ice cream has to be custom mixed by hand. You would have to hire more people than what would be profitable in order to keep things moving quickly.

                                        2. ColdStone is a franchise operation so I don't think its anything wrong w/ the entire chain, I believe it was the same proprietor for all those stores. He had a cold stone license plate on his audi.

                                          I know this because I got an iced coffee every day atthe same time at the scarsdale dunkin donuts and I always used to see him come in when that franchise was being built.

                                          1. Big story in the small business section of the Wall Street Journal today about the many problems befalling Cold Stone Creamery.

                                            >>Earlier in this decade, Cold Stone Creamery was one of the hottest franchises around. The super-premium ice-cream stores attracted scores of franchisees hungry for a piece of the "Ultimate Ice Cream Experience."

                                            Now many franchisees are selling their stores, overwhelmed by soaring bills and shrinking profits. Some have lost their homes, broken their retirement nest eggs or filed for bankruptcy.

                                            What happened?

                                            Even as they rave about the quality of the ice cream, numerous franchisees say the numbers in Cold Stone's business model didn't add up. The cost of running one of the shops was so steep that making a profit was daunting, especially in an economy where a $4 scoop was a pricey indulgence, they argue. They also contend the company cut their margins even further by offering two-for-one coupons and making them buy costly ingredients from a single supplier. Some argue that the company's rapid expansion crowded stores too close together -- and brought in too many inexperienced franchisees.

                                            A number of franchisees also contend the company misled them, giving them promises of profit potential that proved unrealistic or inaccurate revenue numbers from existing stores. And some say that they got little help from the company as their stores went under."

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                                            1. I am so glad to see them out of business. What a rip off that was (mom of 3 here).
                                              I wish I could still get a Baskin Robbins cone on Mint chocolate chip, but instead I have found a nice alternative called 'Main Street Sweets' in Eastchester (used to be 'Just the scoop' where they sold Longford's NOT by the pound). Apparently, their ice cream is homemade. I only tried once, and it was good. They do have a version of Longford's cookie monster, though my hisband says it's not quite as good as the original.
                                              Anyhow, I thought it may be worth mentioning. They are trying hard, so they probably deserve us giving them a try! It's in the Chester Heights section.