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Jan 25, 2008 11:59 PM

day after shindig- dim sum, brunch, or catered beach bbq by waikiki

was thinking of a casual, NOT EXPENSIVE food activity after the upcoming nuptials....

we've been tossing around dim sum, brunch, of a beach bbq close to waikiki since the majority of our guests will be staying there...

dim sum? where?

brunch? where?

bbq: who could we have cater it?

would really appreciate the recs =)

and kaimukiman been swamped with work and wedding planning! fi and i will prolly head back in summer... haven't tried any new places yet though.. that one wine bar that someone posted in their food blog has been bugging me.. i keep forgetting the name of it... ack... there was good souffles there.. do you remember which one i'm talking about?!?!?!?

much mahalos all =)

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  1. there have been a couple of postings about dim sum recently

    What did you have in mind for brunch? The only brunch that consistently gets good comments in here is Halekulani.

    a beach bbq sounds great.... but you know the weather this time of year is iffy. rent a tent while you are at it. I am not up to date on who the good caterers are these days. Just order the raw meat and vegetables from Gina's in Market City and let one of the local relatives bring it and the bbq to the beach...LOL

    I don't remember the name of the wine bar, it was someplace downtown, i think on Pauahi...but thats all i remember, sorry sistah.

    1. we're getting married in october... =) and i think it's too much time for them to bbq.. hahahah =)

      1. re: wine bar. Perhaps DuVin?

        How about a combination dim sum, brunch and picnic? Pick up manapua, pork hash, etc from Char Hung Sut, Island Manapua, Libbys or Chun Wah Kam. Then get some musubi, and other okazuya food from Gulick Deli, Mitsuba, or Fukuya. Don't forget the goza and the hawaiian sun/aloha made drinks.