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Jan 25, 2008 09:44 PM

Sacramento Downtown - walking at night

What is good around the Capitol and the Sheraton Grande, walkable at night? This part of town seems to close up at night. Help. Thanks

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  1. Spataro's on 14th and L. and there's an asian spot on the corner there..very busy the night we went to Spataro's. Ma Jong' the asian spot. There is Chops at 14th and L, Broiler Steakhouse at 12th and K, Dawson't in the Hyatt at 12th and L, Mikuni Sushi at 15th and name a few.

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      Ditto to everything melly just said...those are pretty much all of the places in that area. Love The Broiler. They serve a type of "bubble and squeak" (cabbage and potatoes) with almost good... Ma Jong's food is very average.

    2. The places on Capitol are easily walkable. The Waterboy, the Rubicon Brewing Co, Jacks, Paesano's are all around 19th and Capitol.

      Also there are those pedicabs that are pretty cool.

      1. The Sheraton is right on the border between the cultural center of Sacramento (midtown) and the DMZ (downtown). Go East Young Man!

        Among the other options are Ella's, Esquire Grill (13th & K), Lucca - the two latter being our Governor's favorite while in town. Esquire & Ella's are outside your door, but Esquire is not in the database - exit out the front door and turn right.

        Ella Dining Room & Bar
        1131 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

        Lucca Restaurant
        1615 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

        1. Tapa the World....


          Zelda's Deep Dish Pizza....

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            Thanks for the hint to head up J Street to the 20's, and poke around. I ended up noshing a bit - first course fresh spring rolls at Tamarind Vietnamese, and then on to the Combination Platter at Tapa the World.

            And, scouted out plenty of other fine looking choices along the way to return to another time. The evening weather that nigh was downright balmy -- this weekend in late January when the snow covered moutains were in full view. People were still enjoying some of the sidewalk tables.

            Chowhounders, you hit a homerun on this one.. Thanks for opening up a new alternative to Convention World Downtown Sacramento, just a few very walkable blocks away.