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Jan 25, 2008 09:08 PM

Locals say Del Frisco for great steak in LV and other questions.

When we were in Las Vegas in November, we asked the locals where the best steak is and many of them replied, "Del Frisco". Is this a chain? Some were even saying it was just as good as the steak places at the casinos/hotels on the strip.

Also...has anyone been to Michael's (originally Barbary Coast) since they moved to South Pointe?

What are the top 5 restaurants of the moment that we should go to in March?

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  1. Yes, Del Frisco is a chain restaurant.

    Haven't been to Michael's since it moved to South Point.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "top 5 restaurants of the moment." Maybe we need Casey Kasem to decide for us!

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    1. re: Dave Feldman 5 favorites to go to as of today since reviews, expectations, etc. go up and down...that's all. sorry.

    2. It's a small chain like Ruth's Chris. A co-worker went to the one in Texas, and he said it was the best steakhouse he's ever been to in his life. It is owned by Lone Star Steakhouse. 3 locations in Texas, 1 in LV, 1 in NY, 1 in Colorado, 1 in North Carolina.

      I just recently found out about the one in Vegas, and have added it to my list of places to try.

      Here's their website:

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        I ate at Del Frisco's about a month was at a meeting so the menu was somewhat limited: we had our choice of steaks but the apps and salads were basically ordered for us (I think to keep the bill from being over the was also ordered by the hosts....).

        I enjoyed my steak, and there was a tuna dish that someone else had that was fantastic....It was your basic grilled ahi but that was some of the best ahi (sushi grade) that I have ever tasted...just really good quality. I had a ribeye and it was very tasty and juice and there were plenty of leftovers. The sides were pretty good too, comparable to Ruth Chris', Portions are huge, which is why I got to share some of that ahi......

        I do have a major complaint, however: Our group of about 20 was supposed to have a private room. But when we got into the room we found out that we were sharing the room with another (very loud) group...I seriously think it might have been a bachelor party..they had that sort of demeanor. Anyway, as we were there for a business meeting and there was a featured speaker who had been flown in from Reno, it was difficult at best. I felt sorry for the speaker..he did his best to be heard but it was almost comical. There was no chance of being moved...the place was just packed..and it looked like there were several of the private rooms with more than one group inside. In fact, it took them awhile just to find that place..we must have stood at the bar (no places to sit were left) for half an hour waiting to be seated....

      2. top 5...geez...that's a tough us out a little ....price no object ? distance not an issue ? wine/alcohol preferences ? preferences as to french, american, italian etc i'm surprised about the response by the "locals" a semi local i can tell ya...del frisco ain't cheap...then again, except circus circus, orleans and ...hmmmm...there are others that escape me, meat ain't cheap in vegas !!!

        1. Actually Del Frisco's is much better than what you would expect given its ownership but there is a warning you need to know about.

          Del Frisco's is a wet aged shop. If you prefer dry aged, you may not like it all. If you like wet aged then you will probably really like it as they are one of the better ones.

          My problem is that my girlfriend likes wet aged steaks while I prefer dry. This means I either force her to a place that is dry or accommodate her wishes for wet aged. The only restaurant where we can order to our true desire is Craftsteak which I think is better than Del Frisco's on both the meat and sides.

          When it comes to wet aged, Del Frisco is right at the top with N9ne, Morton's, SW etc. but you need to figure out if you prefer wet to dry or if you don't care either way.

          1. A pat on the back for Del Frisco's as well. I'm not a huge "steakhouse" guy as it's like American Chinese restaurants: the menu is the same everywhere.. boring! But Del Frisco's is the only steakhouse I've been to that I'd spend *MY* money at. There are quite a few where I'd spend *your* money but not mine. I have never had a steak I enjoyed more and if that means I prefer wet aged I guess I do. I have been 4 times and loved each time. Great execution and service. Great wine list. Relaxed pacing. Great potatoes! I'm only speaking of experience from Denver store as I've never been to another. I also don't have a ton of data to compare to as only other "high end " steakhouses I've been to are Morton's, Ruth's Cris and Palm. Have obviously been to the 2nd tier places: outback, lone star, etc...

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              Some people prefer wet aged. Every single restaurant you mentioned, Morton's, Ruth and N9ne at the Palm are wet aged. According to a website, roughly a quarter of people prefer dry. About half prefer wet and about a fourth either don't care or like both based on auction bidding preference.

              You sound like the majority of people. However, I love dry and do prefer it although Del Friscos is really good for a wet aged steak.

              1. re: masstech

                I'm hoping someone offer some insight into this decision: Del Frisco's or Lawry's? I'm planning a bachelor party and it looks like beef for dinner. Been to Lawry's many times in LA, so I know what to expect there, but can someone compare it to Del Frisco's? I know the offerings are somewhat different, but I'd like to know how they compare cost-wise and quality-wise. Thanks a lot!