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Jan 25, 2008 09:02 PM

Where to eat for a college group

So, as the free transit period approaches, a bunch of my friends and I (hopefully the group will be around 10 people...anything more and it'll probably be unreasonable to stay together) are heading up to NYC for the day. Was wondering if you guys had any suggestions of where to go. Everyone in the group is under 21. Some places I'm thinking about (will probably take another day trip to go to see some of these places)
1. Pommes Frittes
2. City Bakery (chocolate drinks?)
3. Sakae Sushi--thinking it may be a fun place to stop by and check out)
4. Rai Rai Ken?

I'm looking for some places that are nice and small...not too big or cluttered
(last year the group split and people ended up eating at TGIF (with two other guys, I went to get some chicken&rice)
This time, I was hoping for a more...cozy feeling to the trip? Also, budget will probably be tight...just concentrate on the "college" part.
Any suggestions are welcome. This group is probably going to be all Chinese, so we probably will head towards Chinatown first (new years and all) but we have lots of time to explore.

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  1. Skip Rai Rai Ken. It's not that great, and I doubt you could fit 10 people in there all at once unless you go there right when it opened.

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    1. re: Peter Cuce

      do you think it would be better if we headed to momofuku?

      1. re: wherethetreefalls

        The new Momofuku is much bigger then the old one but it's still not very big. I don't think there are tables that can seat more than 4 at a time and the one big communal table is more like a counter that could probably accommodate 10. That being said I'm not sure if a group of 10 could all be seated at the same time, maybe on a weekday in the mid to late afternoon.

    2. You should definitely take the RGR's famous LES Food tour! Do a search on this board and you will find it. It will be a lot of fun for your group!

      1. sakae sushi is not open yet...

        1. City Bakery's hot chocolate is delicious - rich, creamy and thick. (I've also had Jacques Torres' hot chocolate, which is also delicious, at 350 Hudson St). If you like marshmellows in your hot chocolate, City Bakery's are amazing. Fitting 10 people is possible but less likely at peak times. The cookies are awesome too. (This is my first posting, so I hope this is helpful.)

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          1. re: FlatironCouple

            thanks for the comments
            i was wondering (besides the LES food tour) if there were any other suggestions as to where to go?

            1. re: wherethetreefalls

              You say that you and your friends will be here for just the day. My LES "tour" will take a couple of hours. If you are going to the 4 spots you mention in your original post and to Chinatown for a New Year's feast, that should pretty much fill up the day -- and you! lol That said, are there any other particular foods you would like to try?

              1. re: RGR

                im sure my group is pretty much open to anything
                none of them are eliciting any responses as to where to go...
                so i'm just trying to come up with some places to go
                i mean...might as well be full if we're walking around doing nothing