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Jan 25, 2008 08:02 PM

Heading for Angela's Tomorrow

Okay hounds, I've gathered some friends and will enjoy Angela's for the first time tomorrow.

I've read your comments. I will dress warmly and I'll ask about specials. I'll be certain to order something with mole. But tell me, what dishes are you still thinking about?

If you could order up a meal from Angela's right this moment, what would it be? If you were taking a friend who was only here for a day, what would you make sure they tasted?

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  1. I have mostly had the specials (off menu). From the white board specials (on the wall), I have really liked the tacos arabes (sp?). Get some chipotle sauce to go with them. My wife had the green enchiladas once and liked them. I didn't like the flautas, but maybe the preperation was off that day.

    Do a search. Lots of other opinions out there.

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    1. The guacamole, and the cheese stuffed poblano in light tomato sauce. Chicken mole too.

      1. The quacamole is a necessity. I also quite like the tacos arabes, tacos al pastor, mole (I prefer it on the enchiladas, but the chicken plate is good too), and the gorditas. The first time we went we got a bunch of small things and shared them.

        The chilaquiles are fantastic for breakfast or lunch, but I don't know if they have them for dinner.

        Have fun!

        1. gorditas con chorizo, rajas con crema, and any of the desserts

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            Good call on the rajas. I love the guacamole, the arabes, the mole sauce (but not the slightly dry chicken breast, get it over enchilladas instead).

            I really hope it's not too cold for you guys. Good luck!

            1. re: yumyum

              The guacamole and the shrimp were well above average quality the last time we were there.

            2. re: galangatron

              Ask for the homemade tortillas with those rajas - and the desserts are great!

            3. The original comment has been removed