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Heading for Angela's Tomorrow

Okay hounds, I've gathered some friends and will enjoy Angela's for the first time tomorrow.

I've read your comments. I will dress warmly and I'll ask about specials. I'll be certain to order something with mole. But tell me, what dishes are you still thinking about?

If you could order up a meal from Angela's right this moment, what would it be? If you were taking a friend who was only here for a day, what would you make sure they tasted?

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  1. I have mostly had the specials (off menu). From the white board specials (on the wall), I have really liked the tacos arabes (sp?). Get some chipotle sauce to go with them. My wife had the green enchiladas once and liked them. I didn't like the flautas, but maybe the preperation was off that day.

    Do a search. Lots of other opinions out there.

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    1. The guacamole, and the cheese stuffed poblano in light tomato sauce. Chicken mole too.

      1. The quacamole is a necessity. I also quite like the tacos arabes, tacos al pastor, mole (I prefer it on the enchiladas, but the chicken plate is good too), and the gorditas. The first time we went we got a bunch of small things and shared them.

        The chilaquiles are fantastic for breakfast or lunch, but I don't know if they have them for dinner.

        Have fun!

        1. gorditas con chorizo, rajas con crema, and any of the desserts

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            Good call on the rajas. I love the guacamole, the arabes, the mole sauce (but not the slightly dry chicken breast, get it over enchilladas instead).

            I really hope it's not too cold for you guys. Good luck!

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              The guacamole and the shrimp were well above average quality the last time we were there.

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              Ask for the homemade tortillas with those rajas - and the desserts are great!

            3. We read, we listened, we dined, we were spoiled by Luiz and the young women and we ended the meal by giving Angela a round of applause.

              We were with friends who share and share alike so they were the perfect companions for our first trip to Angela’s. We ordered a bunch of items and cut them up and passed them around.We stayed pretty close to the favorites of those who had posted about this little gem.

              The chips with green and red salsa disappeared in minutes. The guacamole was wonderful, fresh, lively, and the bowl was scraped clean by the end of our meal with the fantastic, homemade tortillas.

              We also had the Taco Arobe, Taco Al Pastor, Gorditas De Chorizo from the appetizers on the chalkboard. Loved the chipotle salsa. That was also soaked up with tortillas.

              Luiz gave us the verbal specials and we were tempted to stray from the Hound reviews for the Mexican meatballs. It was a good path to take. They were lovely with a delightful center stuffing. And, just a small note that even the rice and black beans are perfectly cooked. They’re not treated as some unimportant filler on the plate.

              I had to restrain myself from picking up the plate and licking the mole after we had finished the Chicken Mole Enchiladas. Thank you, thank you for recommending ordering extra tortillas because we all used them to get a little more of the sauces.

              Cheese Stuffed Pablano Peppers in light tomato sauce were lovely and we all want to find the source of that cheese.

              We ended by having the rice pudding and crepes with coffee.

              Angela’s Cafe was everything you all said it was. It is well worth the walk from the MBTA station, but I think we will be able to talk a few friends with cars into trips there when we tell them about our first-hand experience with the food.

              We went early, arriving about 4:30 because we had a bourbon tasting to attend after dinner. I think this was a great idea for our first trip. It wasn’t too busy and Luiz could take the time to get to know us and tell us a bit about Angela’s. We really enjoyed meeting him. He’s a warm and welcoming host.

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              1. re: BostonZest

                I decided to make a trip to Angela's for some takeout yesterday after taking care of some paperwork in downtown. Rode the blue line to Airport and walked from there. Quite convenient.

                I ordered to go from the specials menu:
                2x Tacos Arabes
                1x Sopa Azteca
                1x Guacamole

                Tacos Arabes - large sliver/chunks of spiced pork that were sautéed with onions and rolled into a 7" tortilla - this was not what I hoped to get from Tacos Arabes given what I've had in Mexico which is thinly sliced meat from a large doner/shawarma round of meat, served with fresh onions and cilantro. I had expected an 'al pastor' treatment like that at Boca Grande in that the meat would have been spiced like 'arabes' but cut very thinly. Perhaps I should have asked for the fresh onions and cilantro or gotten more clarification before ordering, but I can't imagine the local Mexican immigrants asking for Tacos Arabes and being happy when they get what I got yesterday. The chipotle sauce was well done however, and I wouldn't mind buying a bottle of that to keep around the house.

                Sopa Azteca - this soup was well flavored and I was happy to drink it on a cold day. It was not too greasy/fatty but also did not contain any chunks of meat such as the sopa azteca at Boca or like some of the sopa aztecas that I've had in Mexico.

                Guacamole - this was good guacamole, fresh, just about the right amount of salt and garlic or whatever spices they throw into this. I like that it is somewhat chunky instead of a paste. They left the avocado pits in my takeout container, I'm not sure if this is done on purpose as presentation piece normally but I certainly had no need for avocado pits.

                I'll look forward to going back for mole and some other items but this first trip was somewhat of a letdown.

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                  They left the avocado pits in your takeout to avoid browning of the guac. It's one of those wives tales that's actually true.

                  Sorry you didn't enjoy the tacos arabes -- I haven't seen them in Mexico but I love Angela's version, "authentic" or not. I wish Angela would sell the chipotle sauce too.

                  1. re: yumyum

                    I should explain further, it's not so much that they're not authentic, but the fresh onions and cilantro add flavor and texture to the taco that the pork on its own cannot have. those missing elements complete the taco, while the pork is definitely the star, you need the sharp flavor of the onion and the refreshing taste of cilantro to balance it out. Plus, taking the shortcut of having chunks instead of thin slices also changes the taco significantly, giving each bite a completely different mouthfeel.

                    I'm not saying that the current incarnation is bad or inedible, but Angela's could take some simple, and in my view, necessary steps, to elevate it.

                    I also have thought about the sauteed pork and realized that Anna's serves their al pastor as chunks off of a spit instead of thin slices so it's very possible that Angela's is cooking their arabes on a spit but choosing to slices it off in chunks instead.

                2. re: BostonZest

                  Oh BZ -- I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. The meatballs (albondigas?) sound great. And totally concur on the quality of the sides ... beans and rice are not afterthoughts here.

                  You're right -- driving to Angelas is really easy, and I've had no trouble parking around there. Your friends with cars will have an easy time of it.

                  You didn't mention the heat. I'm dying to know ... how was it?

                  1. re: yumyum

                    Well thanks to all the inside info, the guys dressed in layers and I added a shawl to two layers of cashmere so I was fine. But, it was also in the 30s outside and not in the teens. They had a heater near our table and another in the rest room.

                    I was thinking you we could try to sit away from the door but with a tiny place, that isn't possible.