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Jan 25, 2008 07:45 PM

Shapiro's kosher wine

Does anyone know if Shapiro's kosher wine still exists in ny? It used to be on the lower east side. I was too young to know anything about wine but we used to get their honey wine for rosh hashana and i would love to purchase some if not nothing else than the good memories.

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  1. No. It was in the Essex Street Market for awhile but no longer. Here's a now outdated history I found:
    Shapiros' House of Kosher Wine was founded in 1899 by Sam Schapiro, an immigrant from Polish Galicia, as an adjunct to his little restaurant on Attorney Street, on the lower east side of Manhattan. The wine was a success, the food was not, so in 19O3 Schapiro abandoned the eatery and established a winery nearby on Rivington Street, where it thrived for much of the last century. The winery, which moved to Monticello, New York in 2OO2, maintains long-term contracts with growers near Marlboro, New York, in the Hudson Valley. Schapiro's has always used fresh grapes exclusively - Concord, Catawba, Niagara, Ives - for the 22 wines made.

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      According to the following article, it apears that Schapiro's status is in limbo.

      Plus, some interesting US Kosher wine company history at the following website:

    2. See:
      A prior discussion of this same topic: I dont think that there has been any changes since the fall.