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Good Food for a Sore Throat in Sherman Oaks(-ish)

I'm feeling a little under the weather tonight and I wanted some recs for takeout. I was strongly leaning towards the soup at The Great Greek, but with an entree I didn't want to spend $20/person on the meal. I'd like something soothing, preferably with some soup and I'm at a loss. Maybe I'm just really out of it, but any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!

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  1. Pho at Pho So 1 on Sepulveda/Victory. Great for a sore throat. Most of their bowls of pho are $5.25.

    1. If you can make it to Studio City, the Won Ton Soup with Ginger Broth at the Out Take Cafe is very soothing and almost a meal in itself.

      11929 Ventura Blvd.
      Studio City

      1. obviously too late for tonight, but maybe tomorrow get yourself some good jewish penicillin...aka chicken soup. i can't offer suggestions because i'm pretty ignorant when it comes to valley dining, but i'm sure there are plenty of hounds who would be willing to weigh in on who has the best.

        feel better!

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          Solley's on Van Nuys near Ventura has a pretty darn good chicken soup and matzo balls. I usually get a quart size container (big enough for a few meals) for around $11 or $12.

          Best thing in the world for a sore throat, and you don't have to drive too far!

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            Second the Solley's rec - always our go-to place when someone's under the weather.

            Solley's Restaurant & Deli
            4578 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91403

        2. Hot and Sour soup found at nearly any Chinese take-out place will cure your sore throat within 24 hours. Works for me!

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            Bamboo on Ventura and Hazeltine makes a great Hot and Sour soup. The heat will glaze your sore throat and cure it. MB on Stansbury at Ventura almost next to Jinky's also makes a pretty good selection of soups including hot and sour.

          2. Someone else mentioned Solleys, the best thing about this is they will deliver - as will Jerry's (which is the same as Solleys). So will Art's. But for matza ball soup I think Solley's is better.

            1. Call Hugo's and see what soups they have tonight. they also sell a fabulous ginger tea which would make you feel better.

              Also soothing, a less hot chili from Chili My Soul

              A yummy sandwich from the Artisan Cheese Gallery

              Sag Paneer from Clay Oven or Gungadin

              A tray of dips (hummus, muttabal, baba ganooj, and such) from Carnival on Woodman

              a cool fro yo from Studio City Yogurt

              edamame, bought frozen from TJ's and microwaved for a few seconds.

              noodles or something from Kyushu Ramen

              pozole from Vallarta, followed by a slice of tres leches cake

              Take a cucumber, some ice (a cup or so) some lemon juice, dill, and a little honey. Throw it in a blender and let that sucker go. Drink. Soothing and refreshing.

              Greek yogurt with honey and toasted pine nuts.

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                diana's right, you can never go wrong with hugo's.

              2. The best thing I've found (other than food) for a sore throat is HOT tea (your preference, regular or herbal) with honey. Honey has natural antiseptic properties (the ancient Greeks even used it on wounds) and of course tea is good for you anyway. Make a pot very HOT and pour it into a carafe for your bedside or take to work if you can't make a fresh cup frequently. Sip a small hot cup frequently (about every 15 minutes is good). The HOT temp of the tea seems to kill off the germs multiplying on the throat (my theory). Swallow in a way that the tea coats the higher areas of the throat and tonsils and helps numb the soreness. Germs multiply at astronomical rates, so knocking down their numbers every 15 minutes or so gives your body a chance to focus its antibodies on the remaining ones. I work at a school with kids and have to use my voice frequently - hot tea has seen me through many a case of sore throat or laryngitus. Another alternative is gargling with warm salt water. Get well soon!