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Jan 25, 2008 07:09 PM

Best homefries in Toronto

The eggs benny post got me thinking about homefries.

Who has the best homefries in Toronto? And, can you describe what kind they are when you say where they are? (eg spicy, pan fried with onions etc)

And away we go...

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  1. Not exactly home fries, but I like the potatoes in Prague on Queen W. The potatoes are bigger than home fries but they are really crispy and spicy.

    Prague Fine Food Emporium
    638 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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    1. re: tree25

      I second that - I'm not sure I've ever had better than the home fries at the Prague.

    2. My friend says Granite Brewery has the best fries.

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        Where's Granite Brewery? And do you have any idea what they're like?

        1. re: mainja

          Never tried them. Granite's at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton.

          1. re: merlot143

            Steve's Restaurant

            Now, I know many of you are saying "Blech!", but I have a little secret. Simply ask for them deep fried, and you'll be blown away. Good paprika/onion/garlic taste, dark and crispy on the outside, and nice and tender on the inside.

            1. re: Late Blooming Onion

              Steve's homefries are the best. Ask for them "well done".

                1. re: mainja

                  On Bathurst, just north of Wilson, west side.

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              Granite is a brewpub restaurant. It has good beers and decent but not great pubfare food, I don't remember what the fries were like. I don't eat burgers but people have told me the burgers are pretty good there. Comfortable place, family friendly. Outdoor dining in a courtyard in the summeer. AYCE Sunday brunch buffet. There is underground parking off the east side of Mount Pleasant, just south of Eglinton.

              Granite Brewery
              245 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

              1. re: JamieK

                I was just there recently and I can tell you that the fries are really good. I had the rib and wing combo just because I thought it was a good deal (a pound of wings and half rack of ribs and fries for like 17$) and we had a 2 for 4 coupon. I think the place is a good value and have great interesting beer choices (we had some type of lime beer, very refreshing and I dont normally like beer mmm)

                1. re: hungryabbey

                  I'll keep that in mind when I'm looking for fries. Because, really, lets be honest, I'm a fan of regular fries too... But I'm more wondering about breakfast potatoes - homefries, hash browns, rosti - that kind of thing.

                  And I want to know what type too. For instance, I'm not a fan of spicy, but a little tangy is okay. I thought I'd love the garlic homefries at Maggies because I'd heard they were garlicy and delicious. But somehow they missed the mark for me.

                  But I want to keep trying, keep exploring, so I'm looking for suggestions, but we don't have to limit it to home fries, lets just say I'm looking for where has the best breakfast potato.

        2. I was looking forward to seeing answers to this question about homefries, but it seems that most are talking about regular french fries.

          For homefries, I like insomnia although they are much like small french fries bathed in ketchup. More traditional, I enjoy the cajun homefries (better than their roasted) at Musa.

          1. Not quite homefries, not quite latkes or hashbrowns - but the potatoes at Mel's (Bloor/Bathurst) are fantastic. The crispy bits outnumber the soft ones, and the whole thing is nicely seasoned (but not spicy).

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            1. re: piccola

              Home fries at il Gusto on College West are delicious,,,Miranda

            2. Yasee's Place has incredible homefries. It is a small lovely breakfast restaurant. Their homefries are spiced with a curry twist. Their breakfasts are wonderful. Organic meats and lots of healthy veg options including veggie bacon, tofu scrambles etc. I have never been able to copy the homefries at home.... It has me craving them right now!