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Best homefries in Toronto

The eggs benny post got me thinking about homefries.

Who has the best homefries in Toronto? And, can you describe what kind they are when you say where they are? (eg spicy, pan fried with onions etc)

And away we go...

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  1. Not exactly home fries, but I like the potatoes in Prague on Queen W. The potatoes are bigger than home fries but they are really crispy and spicy.

    Prague Fine Food Emporium
    638 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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      I second that - I'm not sure I've ever had better than the home fries at the Prague.

    2. My friend says Granite Brewery has the best fries.

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        Where's Granite Brewery? And do you have any idea what they're like?

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          Never tried them. Granite's at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton.

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            Steve's Restaurant

            Now, I know many of you are saying "Blech!", but I have a little secret. Simply ask for them deep fried, and you'll be blown away. Good paprika/onion/garlic taste, dark and crispy on the outside, and nice and tender on the inside.

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              Steve's homefries are the best. Ask for them "well done".

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                  On Bathurst, just north of Wilson, west side.

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              Granite is a brewpub restaurant. It has good beers and decent but not great pubfare food, I don't remember what the fries were like. I don't eat burgers but people have told me the burgers are pretty good there. Comfortable place, family friendly. Outdoor dining in a courtyard in the summeer. AYCE Sunday brunch buffet. There is underground parking off the east side of Mount Pleasant, just south of Eglinton.

              Granite Brewery
              245 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

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                I was just there recently and I can tell you that the fries are really good. I had the rib and wing combo just because I thought it was a good deal (a pound of wings and half rack of ribs and fries for like 17$) and we had a 2 for 4 coupon. I think the place is a good value and have great interesting beer choices (we had some type of lime beer, very refreshing and I dont normally like beer mmm)

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                  I'll keep that in mind when I'm looking for fries. Because, really, lets be honest, I'm a fan of regular fries too... But I'm more wondering about breakfast potatoes - homefries, hash browns, rosti - that kind of thing.

                  And I want to know what type too. For instance, I'm not a fan of spicy, but a little tangy is okay. I thought I'd love the garlic homefries at Maggies because I'd heard they were garlicy and delicious. But somehow they missed the mark for me.

                  But I want to keep trying, keep exploring, so I'm looking for suggestions, but we don't have to limit it to home fries, lets just say I'm looking for where has the best breakfast potato.

        2. I was looking forward to seeing answers to this question about homefries, but it seems that most are talking about regular french fries.

          For homefries, I like insomnia although they are much like small french fries bathed in ketchup. More traditional, I enjoy the cajun homefries (better than their roasted) at Musa.

          1. Not quite homefries, not quite latkes or hashbrowns - but the potatoes at Mel's (Bloor/Bathurst) are fantastic. The crispy bits outnumber the soft ones, and the whole thing is nicely seasoned (but not spicy).

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              Home fries at il Gusto on College West are delicious,,,Miranda

            2. Yasee's Place has incredible homefries. It is a small lovely breakfast restaurant. Their homefries are spiced with a curry twist. Their breakfasts are wonderful. Organic meats and lots of healthy veg options including veggie bacon, tofu scrambles etc. I have never been able to copy the homefries at home.... It has me craving them right now!

              1. Used to be at the Mars on College. Can't say if they're still as good as they were. We used to bring home a takeout order or two for the kids when my wife and i had breakfast there.

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                  Checked out Mars, it was okay, but I have to say, it was so crowded and absolutely rushed that it was hard to enjoy anything. But yeah, the home fries were tasty.

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                    Mainja--do you mean the Mars on College was crowded? I haven't been in there when it's been full for years. Sorry you didn't get to enjoy your breakfast. It always used to be crowded, but I never felt 'rushed'.

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                      Yeah, Mars on College. It really was very rushed. Shame. I was looking forward to it. But it's okay, there are a billion other places in Toronto. ;)

                2. Thanks for the suggestions guy, I will be checking them out.

                  For now I can tell you that Johnny G's in Cabbagetown has very plain not particularily good homefries, although you can substitute with salad so it's okay. (I figure ruling places out is useful too *grin*)

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                    Bloor/Jane diner. Ambiance will improve the flavour as well. A homefried potato never sees a fryer. It is a boiled, peeled potato slow cooked on the back of a flat grill with some onion and sprinkled with paprika. If its really good it has a crust.

                    Also PEOPLES on dupont or even vesta lunch (still open?)

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                      Vesta is still open and still good..............People's changed ownership a couple of years ago and it is, in my opinion a total disaster. We really miss Kay, Dennis Stephanie and Greg in our neighbourhood. I really wanted to keep going but have had too many 'bad' meals since the change and will not go back, ever!

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                        okay, that sounds PERFECT. I will now search out the Bloor/Jane diner... (from PearlD's post it sounds like maybe it's called "Vesta"?)

                        1. re: mainja

                          mainja: No, that's not correct.....The VESTA is at the NE corner of Bathurst and Dupont..... Bloor and Jane must be something else.(but it sounds good...that description of cooking is very 'old school') The only downside to Vesta is that it is 'counter seating', no booths.

                          1. re: pearlD

                            Thanks. I just reread the post and noticed Vesta in the original. Somehow I'd missed that the first time around...

                    2. "Noon" @ Bathurst/Dupont (west side of Bathurst, just south of Dupont). Spicy, pan fried homefries. So good.

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                        Tell me more.....Is it a 'sit down'?

                      2. What exactly is a "home fry"?

                        Really good plastic tops used to slice a par-boiled potato and put a couple of slices on the grill beside the bacon and eggs. They called these home fries.

                        My mum would take mashed potatoes, fry them till crispy, flip them over and do the other side so we'd end up with bits of brown crispies. She called these home fries.

                        Meats in Hungarian Wooden Plates were piled atop a layer of "home fries", deep fried medallions of potatoes that somehow stayed crisp for the duration of the meal.

                        The little eatery run by a Japanese gentleman a couple of doors from Steve's guitar shop used to long grate potatoes, deep fry them and serve them up with perfect bacon and poached eggs. Was this roti or home fries? BTW is he stll ther,e lo these many years?

                        Is a home fry then any potato preparation cooked in contact with a fat and which does not come out of a Sysco bucket? Where do "pommes frites" and galletes fit into the definition?

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                          well, i'm pretty flexible and am looking for basically any kind of breakfast potato...

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                            Homefries at Kultura are the shizzle - as is the brunch generally.

                            On the other end of the scale, Boom homefries are tasty and mend broken Sunday-morning stomachs quite nicely.

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                              I was actually extreemely disappointed with the Boom home fries. When I saw them sitting on my plate, I was almost positive they're frozen cavendish fries that i always keep in my freezer - looked and tasted it.

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                                Agree with jayseeca, the home fries are OK but are cut a little too thick and don't have quite enough crisp or flavor on the outside. They're fine but not Chow-worthy I'd say.

                          2. re: DockPotato

                            Home fries are made from cold boiled potatoes, cut into small chunks (not mashed or grated), and fried, usually in butter or bacon grease. Onion is quite often added, red or green pepper less so. Some will toss in crumbled bacon,but that's not really necessary.

                            The idea is to get a warm potato with a crust from the fat. This means the potatoes have to sit for a while while cooking, and not be constantly stirred. Home fries are NEVER deep fried; they are either cooked in a skillet or on a griddle.

                            If the potatoes are shredded, depending on what you do next, you end up with rosti, hash browns, latkes, or potato pancakes. All are wonderful, but none are home fries.

                            Seasoning is always a matter of taste; I don't even add salt, just a bit of fresh cracked pepper, but others will add cayenne or chili powder to produce spicier variations.

                            1. re: KevinB

                              "Bacon not really necessary".....Let me see your passport, please.

                          3. I've found I enjoy the breakfast potatoes at Chew Chew Diner. Nice and peppery. Grated potatoes, fried on the skillet.

                            1. Hey Guys,

                              I have found that the breakfast and the homefries at Sneaky Dee's are quite tasty!! . . . the omelettes are excellent as well...


                              1. they got pretty good homefries at The Tulip