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Jan 25, 2008 06:57 PM

Canadian foodies looking to dine well -- Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide

We are two Canadian restaurant professionals who are travelling to Australia on our honeymoon. We want to dine well and drink well -- one of us is a sommelier. Where can you point us?

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  1. In Adelaide : Grange @ the Hilton. Arguably the best restaurant in South Australia and in the top thirty in Australia. Awarded "Best Hotel Restaurant in Australia".
    Chef, Cheong Liew has been recognised as a living legend. You'll love Adelaide : more eateries per capita than any big city in Australia. Have breakfast at the markets.

    1. Melbourne
      Rockpool (steak)
      Vue de Monde
      France Soir

      Rockpool (fish)

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        I'd second Rockpool in Sydney! In fact, Sydney's so replete with good eateries, I normally buy the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide & then go through it alphabetically. The last time, I went through the 'B' list, and all of them - Bilson's, Becasse, Bel Mondo, Bennelong, Bathers Pavilion, were great!

        1. re: klyeoh

          Not forgetting:

          - Buon Ricordo - their fettucine al tartufovo (the waiter tosses the truffled egg, cream & parmesan sauce into the noodles tableside) is to-die for;
          - Bills Cafe for its great breakfast menu: ricotta hotcakes with bananas & honeycomb butter; corn fritters with bacon; scrambled eggs that were so good, a New York Times journalist took back a sample for laboratory testing to find out the contents;
          - Billy Kwong, for Aussie-Chinese cooking at its best, using the freshest organic ingredients;
          - Beppi's (Est. 1956) for its veal saltimbocca, and the best vitello tonnato this part of the world.

          1. re: klyeoh

            I admire the NY Times journalists investigative zeal. however, they could have simply bought a copy of "Sydney Food" Bill Granger's first book (published in 2000) and turned to page 58. Maybe they were so mesmerised by the eggs they failed to notice the piles of books for sale in the restaurant?

            Love your idea of working through the SMH guide in Alphabetical order - what great fun - do you do them in strict order...?

            1. re: PhilD

              yes, or they could have looked at his website!

              1. re: PhilD

                I think the NY Times journo did it a while back, before Bill Granger published his first recipe book.

                To answer your question - no, I don't go through in strict alphabetical order, but as a general pattern - for example, I did Tabou in-between Buon Ricordo and Bambini Trust during my last visit. Sydney's blessed with soooo many good eateries, business visitors like me sometimes just don't know where to start!

        2. In the Hunter Valley (less than 2 hours from Sydney) you may like to try Rock at Poole's Rock for dinner or firestick cafe for lunch (have only had lunch there to date) - their labels include pooles rock, cockfighters ghost and firestick.

          In S.Australia Magill Estate Restaurant (Penfolds) might be worth looking at for the quintessential winery experience -

          I do not recommend Kingsleys at all and think if you are after steak go to Prime in the GPO or stick to Rockpool in melbourne crown casino. Likewise my experience with Aqua / Ripples group is less than satisfactory. (details on my blog).

          also have a look at for some ideas on great food/wine venues, but in Sydney (and Melbourne of course) at the top end of town there will always be a good combination of both - thinking Marque, Quay, Pier, Rockpool, etc.