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Aug 28, 2001 12:52 AM

Ginza Sushiko

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I took a look over at the SF board and read a thread about Sawa sushi which sounds a whole lot like Ginza (though i've never been to either). So how is Ginza Sushiko (for you guys on expense accounts out there)?
Is it truly the best sushi in LA? Does it really blow away places like Shibucho, Nozawa, Katsu, Tsukasa, Asanebo, Mori, and Sasabune? I presume it can never be
worth the price, but is it really the best restaurant in LA, or is it just the conception that the people who are lucky enough (or not) to go feed into the idea that it must be the best since it's also the most expensive (anywhere from $300-$600 per person)?

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  1. Ginza Sushiko is without exception the most incredible sushi experience you will ever have. It blows away ANY competition. The sushi is outstanding -- I guarantee that if you go, you will be served dishes you've never even heard of, let alone tried before.

    The service is second-to-none. The meal is memorable. If you believe that price is relative, then it is absolutely worth the price.

    This is truly a peerless experience -- and I've had great sushi from all of the great sushi places in LA, SF, NY, etc. Nothing begins to compare.

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      Not to be argumentative, but I have to admit that my experience at Ginza Sushiko was less than fantastic. Sure, the sushi is good. But I felt that it was not as good as the sushi at Nozawa and was 10 times the price. What we felt we were paying for (or rather our boss was paying for), was not great sushi, but rather gimmicks. For instance, we were served a salad (the size of a Chinese teacup) with actual gold shavings on top. I couldn't taste the gold, so why should I care that I was eating it? We were served poisonous fish, which was an interesting experience, but not for the flavor. Even the sodas were outrageously priced. I beleive we paid $10 for a can of Coke. Ridiculous.

      The service is great, mainly because there are only about 12 seats in the place. But none of this is worth the phenomenally overinflated price, IMHO. There was ONE course that was truly incredible. Kobe beef sushi. Raw beef that was more tender than tuna. THAT was great. Other than that... save your money.