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Jan 25, 2008 05:49 PM

Brothers' Ribs in Detroit--Jean's Sauce of the Islands

Brothers' Ribs in Detroit had two locations, but they have gone out of business.

Their sauce was called "Jean's Sauce of the Islands." Does anybody know where I could find the recipe of that sauce? It was the most unique and delicious sauce I've ever had.

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  1. Joe - If you find someone who has the recipe, be sure to get the recipe for the Boogaloo sandwich that they served. I ate my first one while driving in a car with a white interior. It never looked or smelled tthe same.

    1. The lady that owned Brothers took the recipe to the grave.

      This is recipe is very close.

      1 gallon can of ketchup.
      1 quart lemon juice
      2 cups worstashire
      4 cups sugar or to taste
      1/2 cup Jamaican paprika
      2 Tbs cumin

      Cook over low heat till proper consistancy.

      For The Boogaloo sandwich ( best sandwich on earth)

      Obtain quality fresh bakery french bread type sup buns

      spit sub buns down the middle as you would for a sub.

      Boil chopped Spanish or white onions in salted water uncovered for 15 to 20 minutes.

      Drain onions in collander. do not rinse..

      Sautet ground pork at medium high heat in a skillet until browned. Brother's used course ground pork. You want some of the pork almost crispy.

      Ladle some boiled onion into each bun, followed by sliced american cheese on one side of the bun add pork that has been mixed with the Bar B Que sauce.

      Wrap in aluminum foil for about 5 minutes too heat bun and melt cheese.

      I used to buy about 10 Boogaloos a week for my employees in Royal Oak. I was heartbroken when they closed.

      The extra sauce can be kept for weeks in the fridge.

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        Thank you so much for this! Brother's was a block away from Mumford High School and many of us would get Boogaloos after school. When they closed, the students and alumni were left scrambling trying to recreate this sandwich of wonderment. There is an alumni page on facebook were we've been having a two-week long conversation about the boogaloo. (That's where I found this recipe.)

        Thanks again for this! You've made a lot of Mustang Alumni deliriously happy!

        1. re: Technospud

          I lives in California and I cook as a hobby. My brother-in-law (in Detroit) told me about this sandwich, but I never got a chance to taste it.
          He said "If I would have taste it, I would have never forgot it."
          I am about to take a road trip out to Detroit and I am going to make it for him.
          Thanks for the recipe.

          1. re: Technospud

            Hi there, thanks for the recipe. I'm not sure what Jamaican Paprika is ...could I use paprika - or do you mean allspice?
            Thank you. :D

            1. re: JodyNoel

              Wondering where to get this ... Jamaican groceries, of which there are a few around here?


              1. re: Jim M

                Hi Jim. Thanks for the info. :D

          2. Demilis soul food has its version boogaloo sandwich and sauce 10009 curtis ( on corner wyoming) detroit, mi 1313-861-0331

            1. Brothers Ribs, I feel sorry for the rib lovers who never had their ribs ! They were voted number 1 by the Detroit Free Press back in the 1960's. George Perout from the World Adventure Series was one of the judges. I used to drive from Waterford for their food !

              Brothers Ribs
              1565 S Lake St, Mundelein, IL

              Brothers Ribs
              758 W Euclid Ave, Palatine, IL 60067

              Brothers Ribs
              69 S Rand Rd, Lake Zurich, IL 60047

              1. I had brothers ribs in the early 1980s and they were great. Never had the boogaloo and I'm sorry I missed it. I remember the Checker Bar Que that was next to Bakers Keyboard in the 1960w-70s, great stuff. They were in Oak Park in the 1980s; only take out but the same with the Embers Ribs. Great food there too.