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Jan 25, 2008 05:10 PM

Good seafood restaurant around Back bay?


I'm visiting Boston for break with my sister in a week, and we were looking for some decent seafood restaurant that serves lobster at reasonable price. We know that it's off season, but we thought it'd be nice to try some seafood there. We'll be staying at Back bay, and we're looking for some restaurants around there. We're looking for non-asian restaurant.
We already had a look at the menus at Legal Seafood and Summer Shack, but had no idea how the price goes. Does anyone know average current price/pound?


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    1. If you're looking for a traditional lobster dinner, any of Legal Seafoods, Atlantic Fish or Summer Shack will be fine. For more upscale dining, head over to B&G Oysters, in the South End, a short walk or cab ride from the Back Bay. Last night I had a wonderful lobster meal of lobster bisque, lobster carbonara (made with a root vegetable called salsify rather than pasta), and a lobster special comprising roasted lobster served over vegetables.

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        Another vote for Atlantic Fish

        Prices are comparable to Legal and Summer Shack, but the food is better.

      2. Definitely would recommend Atlantic Fish. Its a much better version of Legal Seafood and i've never had a bad meal there.

        1. If you don't mind walking a little you could eat at Kingfish Hall in faneuil hall. The food is good, prices arent bad, and the winter sangria is awesome. They may have the best tuna tartar and calamari in the city. They also offer a lobster boil, it has clams corn on the cob, a few boiled potatoes and i think some kielbasa.

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            If you're going to walk as far away from Back Bay as Kingfish Hall, I'd suggest going a little farther to Neptune Oyster. Kingfish Hall can be very good, but I prefer the latter.