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Jan 25, 2008 05:03 PM

Icky Kicky's

I was originally going to call this post something else, but when we got home and told my young daughter where we went, she said "Icky's?"...

To be fair we didn't try the Japanese food.

But this was some of the worst Thai food I have ever had. Bar none.

To wit,

A seven dollar bowl of Tom Kha Gai (here called Coconut Soup) was eerily reminiscent of what I make at home with store bought soup paste.

An eight dollar plate of papaya salad was so hot it literally brought tears to my eyes. This one deserves more space. I ordered the papaya salad and then expressed surprise when the waitress didn't ask how spicy I wanted it. I told her that I have eaten this dish all over the place and they always ask. She said she had no idea what it was, so I told her I didn't want it too spicy. All I can think of was that there were bits of fresh bird peppers (green thai chilis) in it.

A twenty dollar plate of garlic shrimp contained six medium shrimp and almost no vegetables. The sauce was not bad and this was the only edible thing we had. But compared to the good Thai garlic dishes I have had (Pad Thai in Highland Park locally for one) it was lousy.

A fifteen dollar bowl of green curry was terrible. There was no heat at all, in fact it was sweet and basically flavorless. Also the beef in the dish was either bad quality or cooked improperly as it was hard to eat.

On the plus side, the space is very nicely decorated and laid out and the after dinner mints were the good chocolate covered kind.

And to think I was only a few minutes from Cafe de Thai.

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  1. Can you tell us what town/state this restaurant is in? Also not clear was what the name of the restaurant is? Kicky's?

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      The name is Kicky's, and it's in Matawan, NJ. It recently underwent a change in cuisine focus. Here are two previous threads:


      My condolences! You really are a gustatory trooper, i.e., always willing to take one for the team.

      1. re: RGR

        I.A.W.R ;o) Just had to practice typing that...

        Sorry about the lack of details mschow - you are right, but I was so upset by that meal.

        Kicky's is on Rt 34 in Matawan, NJ in a stand alone building that used to house a fast food joint a while ago. The only nice thing I can say is that they have done wonders with the space. After eating the food though I wished I was in an Arby's.

        1. re: seal

          LOL! To make typing more efficient, maybe we should eliminate the periods? :-))

    2. seal
      Thanks for reporting, so that others may be spared.

      1. Thanks for clarifying the location. Sounds dreadful. There is nothing worse than having an awful meal and paying lots of money for the pleasure. My BIL has a great expression about that. Once we all went for brunch to a place down near the old Sweetwater Casino. I think it was called The Landing or something similar. Anyway, it was a terrible brunch, IHOP would have been significantly better. We had no idea what the cost might be, but we figured round $15 or so was the going rate in that area. When the check came it was almost $30 per person and I promise you this meal made yours sound like a gourmet feast. We were absolutely stunned at the outrageous cost. (Plus, some of the food smelled bad and we were afraid to eat it).
        My BIL looked at the check and quipped "Well, at least it was expensive!"
        So, when any of us go out now and experience a dreadful meal, we all say "Well at least it was expensive!"
        Sounds like you had that experience last night.

        1. Oh dear. :( I had high hopes for the menu change. This is unfortunate.

          1. My wife says that Kicky's these days reminds her of the innkeeper in Les Miserables. Any way they can they add to the bill. We had ordered lunch and the waiter asked us if we would like tea with the meal. Evelyn said yes, and to keep her company I said I would take tea also. We had two little cups of tea and $2 was added to the check. Today I ordered a Thai dish. The menu item had an asterisk that said, "spicy." I ordered the dish and said it should be spicy since some restaurants tone the spiciness down for non-Asians. That added 50 cents to the check. No problem, it was the waitress who charged me the extra so I pretended not to notice and paid what I would have without the surcharge. If the waitress is going to charge me for reminding her that the dish was supposed to be spicy, she can spring for the difference. The restaurant was what I would guess to be less than 60 degrees. I had to eat in my jacket to keep warm.

            There are enough good restaurants in the area that I don't feel I have to be overcharged by Kicky's.