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Jan 25, 2008 04:55 PM

Ocean/water front with deck/patio between Malibu & Laguna

Planning a LimoBus bar crawl down the coast for wife's 40th. Looking for any and all suggestions of any bar/restaurant right on the water that has a deck/patio over looking the beach/ocean/bay/marina with space for 15 to have drinks on the deck/patio on a saturday or sunday afternoon. Probably going to start in Malibu(maybe Moonshadows?) and hit 5 to 6 places along the coast and finish in Laguna. Cool, relaxed vibe is a plus but I'm open to anything.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Paradise Beach Cafe, Duke's, Geoffrey's, Gladstone's, Beau Rivage(landside of PCH). Of those Geoffrey's is the best.

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      Gladstone's is probably the most relaxed of them all from this list. Food has improved in the last couple years. I like sitting on the deck with seagulls flying above us. You are also a few steps from the sand.

    2. Geoffrey's for ahi tuna tartar, oysters on the half shell, and champagne. Duke's for crab and macadamia nut wontons, coconut shrimp, and mai tais. Ritz Carlton in Laguna for wine, cheese, and chocolate.

      1. Rooftop at the Casa de la Camino Hotel in Laguna is awesome. Restaurant downstairs is K'ya and pretty good.

        You're a great husband!

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          Yes, the rooftop deck at Casa del Camino is very cool, but someone just told me that they saw them demolishing the rooftop (maybe for a remodel?). I totally got this secondhand, I haven't had a chance to drive by since I heard about it Wednesday night, so you may want to call first to see if it's open. If it is, it's definitely got that cool, relaxed vibe.

          1. re: empfam

            Good point - they are doing some remodeling to bring it up to code (ie. an outside staircase), so definitely call first!

        2. additions to the other suggestions...

          santa monica:
          ocean & vine @ loews hotel
          coast @ shutters hotel

          huntington beach:

          newport beach:
          3 thirty 3 waterfront
          back bay cafe

          las brisas
          studio @ montage resort

          your wife is a very lucky woman. have fun!

          1. Paradise Cove is on the water, however it doesn't have a great bar area, and for that size group, may not be appropriate. I do love it for other occasions, though.

            I know it's a chain, but the Yard House in Long Beach is right on the water, has a beautiful bar, and I think always has great food (the house salad which is like a peanut slaw is a winner along with the korean rib appetizer.

            Newport has Bayside (on Bayside Drive near the water). They do a great happy hour with real food at happy hour prices. Sage on the Coast is a great choice, too, though not right on the water would be a nice atmosphere for a 40th birthday. There are some great choices in Fashion Island, though again not right on the water. The Cannery is on the water, however, and would be a super spot for your group. I don't know if the Villa Nova is still's a great spot. On Balboa Island, you could hit the Village Inn. Not on the water, but a crazy fun bar scene with lots of singing and audience participation.

            Las Brisas in Laguna is a classic. The Montage is beautiful, though I haven't been for drinks, so I am unfamiliar with their bar.
            Good luck and happy birthday to your wife!!

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            1. re: axeled

              Taking some issues with two prior posts...

              Don't do Chimayo in HB - it's below beach site level & truly awful food

              3 Thirty 3 Waterfront I agree is fun, but it's on a dismal little section of a water channel & you can't see anything at night
              Basilc is a teeny little restaurant on Balboa Island - no water view & I imagine you'll definitely be in the mood for partying by the time you get to OC - definitely no happening bar
              Back Bay Cafe really isn't really a bar & still on the somewhat dismal Back Bay

              Las Brisa - ok, but very 'tabelized' & if you can't get a table for your group, it's a problem. And all the tables are very small.

              Clae's is a restaurant & you can't see the water at night. The bar at the Hotel Laguna is on the beach & would be fun & reasonable with a group - no music, though.

              Splashes is right on the water, but not a great place for a group.

              Studio is so d*mm expensive & not a bar. You could walk down to the beach, though

              Bayside, although I think great food, has no water view whatsoever & probably would not appreciate a caravan of partiers in their bar, as it's in the middle of their restaurant

              Fashion Island - again, no water view, in spite of being called an Island...

              Village Inn IS fun, but again, no water

              I really think Rooftop in Laguna is your best best by far. Incredible view, great place for a group to show up & have fun (just so there's not a line...), yummy mojitos, fun people, amazing 360 view of Laguna, just a great place to party.

              Although somewhat distant water view from their deck patio where they serve excellent food, Mozambique has a great bar & usually really good bands, which would be a very fun place to end it all with drinks, hors d'oeuvres and dancing.

              1. re: torta basilica

                thanks for the info about my recs. i threw them out there because i knew they "technically" fit the criteria, but i'm glad you had more detailed knowledge before i steered the OP wrong!

                1. re: torta basilica

                  Many thanks for the suggestions, especially the detail from torta. you've definitely hit on the essence of my search--outside on the water with view and not "tableized" (great word). I will check out the suggestions but please---if anyone thinks of any other candidates I'm all ears.

                  And while I appreciate the kind words from a few of you about being a good husband, you all have it exactly backward......I am the lucky one. 22 years and counting with the "one". Life is good.