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Jan 25, 2008 04:50 PM

Baby shower suggestions in Annapolis area?

Greetings! I am planning a April baby shower for my sister, who lives in Crownsville. 99% of the guest list (approximately 25 people) are in the Anne Arundel County area. Baltimore city and points north are not going to work for this crowd---they don't stray far from their homes. The mother to be is vegetarian (dairy and eggs are ok). She loves Indian food but I see that Annapolis has a lack of good indian food from previous posts. I would like to find a nice place for a Saturday lunch or Sunday brunch with at least a semi-private area. I am looking for a price range up to $25 per person. Any suggestions?

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  1. How about Deep Creek in Arnold? Don't have to worry about parking in downtown Annapolis, and the food is pretty good. Great view of the Magothy.

    1. I went to a baby shower last month at Carroll creek cafe in Annapolis. they have a separate room for you and the food was really good. We had our choice of steak, crabcake and a vegetarian pasta. Don't know how much it was per person but it was very good

      1. Carrolls Creek would certainly be a safe choice. But since you have some time, why don't you call Sputnik Cafe and see if they would do a private party?
        Sputnik Cafe
        1397 Generals Hwy.
        Crownsville, MD 21032

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            Good to know that Sputnik is closed. I have reached out to Carrol's Creek for more information. One of my associates mentioned Reynold's Tavern in Annapolis for afternoon tea. Any opinion (good, bad, indifferent) about their tea service?

        1. Actually, there is an excellent Indian restaurant in Annapolis called India's. On West Street across from Park Place. Their lunch buffet is one of my favorite lunches of all time, (and about $12!) but the owner is a friendly person who I would bet would help you plan anything you'd want.
          The food and service are very very good, and the interior is atttractive too. Good luck!

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            I really like India's too, and the owner and his wife are so nice. You could probably arrange something with them. I think they might have a back room, too, but I am not sure. When we are there he would even talk to my Mom who doesn't like spicy food and me who loves it and then would tell us not to worry he knew what we would like and bring us out great stuff. I lived right down the street so we would go often, but they are very nice and gracious to everyone it seems.

          2. Would just like to place a vote for Caroll's Creek - they did my rehearsal dinner and it was a flawless evening of great food, excellent service and a fantastic view of the the Annaplois Harbor and sailboats.