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Jan 25, 2008 04:42 PM

beer-batter fish 'n chips in dallas ?

sure would be nice finding bar or cafe that serves it . . . surely can't afford to fly out to fremantle, australia . . . just to visit lombardo's.

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  1. I don't know if they are beer-battered..however..The Old Monk has nice Fish N' Chips.

    1. Have not had them, but judging by the rest of their food, would be willing to bet that the ones at The Porch are good...or at least they look good...

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      1. re: jinet12

        The Idle Rich is good, which I think is owned by the same people who own The Old Monk

        1. re: jinet12

          had them once at lunch and they were good.....

        2. Two places come to mind. Sea Breeze in Plano (Preston at Spring Creek). My favorite right now is Fillmore Pub in old downtown Plano. It is near 75 Central and 15th St. Like the others.....don't know for sure if it is beer battered, but both are darn good.

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            I'd second Fillmore in Plano if you're in the area, although it's probably the same as the Old Monk in Dallas. I ate the fish and chips this weekend at Fillmore, which was surprisingly good. A thin batter but tasty and very crisp, very nice Atlantic cod and pretty well cooked fries served with vinegar without having to ask, and Guiness on tap. I asked the waitress if they every had cask conditioned beers and she didn't really seem to know, but I told her it "would be cool if you did".

            I don't think it's a beer batter btw if that matters.

            1. re: luniz

              I went to the Fillmore last night. The fish and chips were good, but the menu is limited. I'm sticking w/ my original suggestion of the Idle Rich. It is a good pub with good food.

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              I second the Sea Breeze rec. It looks to me that Plano is the place for beer battered fish with two restaurants getting recommendations!

              1. re: soulslinger

                I forgot to put in that I went to the Sea Shell of Lisson Grove (Lisson Grove @ Shrotten St - Marylebone Tube Stop) while I was in London, supposedly one of the best places for fish n chips in London. They were quite tasty there but not as light and crisp as Sea Breeze.


            3. Try Fish Ciy Grill,, thier fish and chips are battered with Flat Tire Beer. The chips are so-so, but the fish is good and not greasy. Plus you have got to ry their Oyster Nachos, really good.

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              1. re: Bakersfield Hound

                Just saw from their web site that they are open on Henderson now. I'll have to check them out soon.

                1. re: Maynerd

                  Don't go to Fish City for fish and chips. I like Fish City for the fish tacos, fish sandwiches and a delicious special they have called tuna nachos (killer!), but their fish and chips are poor. The batter is too thick. My husband was raised partially in London and we have both been to Australia, so I have to say they will disappoint.

                  1. re: yumyum palace

                    I would agree with you on Fish city. I personally like the fish tacos at flying fish in Firewheel better however. Neither is the place to go for Fish and Chips. Seabreeze can be really good, however they seem to have some kind of weird love of cilantro all over things, which is irritating at times. I simply have not found what I would call killer fish and chips since I was a kid in Irving. The fellow that had the fish and chip shop ended up moving back to the UK.

                    If I want decent fish and chips now, I generally look for decent cod or haddock and make my own.

                    1. re: irodguy

                      Have you tried the Idel Rich? I really think they do a good job?

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                        Irodguy, this is somewhat random, but where was fish and chips shop in Irving you wrote about above? I too am from Irving and am curious.

                        1. re: DFWGuy

                          There used to be a fish and chips shop on Rachel & Beltline. This NE side. It was right on the end of the center kind of behind the pizza (hut?) Of course it depends on your age if you remember the place.

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                            I vaugely remember the place that was on the SE side....same side at Ruen Thai and Pizza Hut on Rochelle and Beltline. Across the street is/was Rudy's Mexican. There is a buffet chinese place that now has taken the place of the fish and chips shop or was it the next suite down? Anyway that shopping center has had some good places. The Marble Slab in that shopping center used to be run by an elderly Korean couple that did an awesome job and I believe had the best Marble Slab at the time (I compared about 3 to the Irving one). They have since retired but have run into several people in Irvign who claimed the same thing.

                            1. re: irodguy

                              Ahhh, yes. I do remember that place. Not too far from one of the houses I lived in growing up. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

                              1. re: DFWGuy

                                I used to ride my bike from my house near Mac to have fish there when I was a kid. Of course I still ride long range.

                    2. re: Bakersfield Hound

                      The honey chipotle shrimp and coleslaw with vinegar-based dressing are my favorites @ Fish City ... the Henderson location serves the standard product (service not as friendly IMO as tollway & Frankford).

                      1. re: foiegras

                        foiegras . . . any idea on prices . . . lunch vs dinner . . . portions ?

                        thanks, though . . . might check it out . . . right on way home.
                        Fish City Grill
                        2323 N. Henderson Suite# 109
                        Dallas, TX 75206

                        1. re: pnamajck

                          Very reasonable ... $. It's not a taco stand, but it's certainly not the kind of place you need to budget for. I used to work practically next door, and would go once or twice a week.

                    3. thanks for the the heads-up . . . plan on droppin' by "the old monk" after work tomorrow; since that area is directly enroute with my daily commute. as to those up in plano . . . will have to consider 'em another time. again . . . thanks for everyone's response . . . cheers.