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Jan 25, 2008 04:12 PM

Epicurious' Chocolate-Whiskey Bundt Cake

I tested out the Chocolate-Whiskey Bundt Cake tonight. I will confess, I'm a bit less than enthusiastic about the results. I think the coffee overwhelms the chocolate and scotch (I used Scotch whiskey instead of American). I'm hoping that aging it until tomorrow night will help.

Thinking about possible modifications for the future, though: Would the chemistry of the cake still work if I decreased the coffee from 1.5 to .5 cup, increased the whiskey from .5 to .75 cup, and added .75 cup water (and maybe a dash more cocoa powder). This would keep the total amount of liquid the same but adjust the flavors.

Any thoughts about these modifications, or about the recipe in general?

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  1. It will be interesting to see how it is a day later but no problem to substitute whiskey and water for coffee. For this one, and possibly the next one, what about poking it and pouring whiskey or a whiskey/sugar/butter mixture (warmed to combine all) over it? A glaze might be nice too

    1. I tried the cake again last night (aged for 1 full day), and it was MUCH better. Still very moist. I still think I would reduce the coffee a bit, although not QUITE as much as I originally thought. The cake got a good response from the crowd, which is always encouraging.