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Jan 25, 2008 03:51 PM

Berkeley Restaurant

Any suggestions for a moderately priced restaurant near the Shattuck movie theatre?

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  1. Haven't been, but I hear only good things about Venus....

    1. second Venus, Angeline's is also good but depends on your price range.

      1. angeline's. they do respectable versions of new orleans dishes.

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        1. re: bataille2

          The service can be amazingly hit or miss at Angeline's and they don't seem to care. I once waited an hour for chicken, which I never got, while my Brussels sprouts congealed. They argued that it had only been ten minutes instead of apologizing. We'd already eaten apps and my husband had his main course and the party next to us, who'd sat at the same time, had eaten their chicken and left. No way was it under an hour. Just so you know.

          1. re: lintygmom

            Yah, service can be really slow, so it's not exactly the best place if you're planning to dine there before a movie. We once went there and it took 10 minutes to get our water and the menu, and another 10 minutes just to find someone who would take our order. The food probably arrived in 15 minutes; surprisingly the bread pudding didn't take too long. We got our bill in the quickest time and prompt (and probably the friendliest) service after we paid. They must have wanted us out of the place ASAP.

        2. I really love Venus for bunch and lunch. The few times that I've been the plates have been seasonal and delicious. The one time I visited for dinner it was too crowded, the food was still fresh, but the service was bogged down.

          Great China Restaurant on Kittredge St. on the block above Shattuck by the California theater has amazing Peking duck. The duck is a bit pricey if I remember (30 bucks) but everything else is reasonable.

          Personally I might just pop over to Arinell's Pizza for a couple of New York style slices. I'd probably take an out of towner over to the Cheeseboard Pizza Collective though. The whole gourmet ghetto is really within a mile of downtown.

          Cha-Ya might be nice for some vegetarian sushi and japanese food.

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            There's usually a long wait for a table at Cha-Ya.

          2. Little Plearn Thai Kitchen, near Beckett's, is very good. I've enjoyed everything I've eaten there. And Pho Hoa, next to the movies on Shattuck is excellent despite being a chain. The broth is crystal clear with just the right flavor of star anise. And their fatty flank is nice and fatty.

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              has Pho Hoa gotten better than it was 4 years ago? I've never really liked the one on Shattuck, it always seemed like their broth was too light to me and didn't have enough fat from the beef or chicken rendered into it.

              1. re: nicedragonboy

                You can always ask for "fatty broth with scallion heads." I do, and it makes the broth so much better!