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Jan 25, 2008 03:40 PM

Breakfasts and brunches in Hampton Roads

Hey fellow HRers

I'm working on an article about great places for breakfasts and brunches in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, and wanted to see what other Chowhounds thought?

I live at the VB Oceanfront, and I love Doc Taylor's for breakfast. I've also seen great improvement at brunch at Tradewinds in the Virginia Beach Conference Center & Resort on Shore Drive.

What do y'all think?

Patrick C=:-)

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  1. I'm not a huge breakfast/brunch person, but AW Shucks has great brunch (crabcake benedict?) and Charlie's and D'egg have good basic (southern?) breakfasts...

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    1. re: alsky

      I haven't been to Charlie's in a long time - have you been since they changed ownership?

      1. re: basicfoodgroupie

        The food hasn't changed at all, its the same greasy spoon it always has been. In a good way that is. I have recently been to the 219 and their brunch was very good, I had a Kentucky hot brown that was awesome and I hear that omar's has a good brunch as well.

        1. re: chefsteveo

          I ended up going to Charlie's this morning - it was awesome. I am so glad that it is smoke free, too. We really pigged out - eggs over easy, grits, french toast. potato omelet, scrapple, country ham, biscuits. It is a new favorite; now I need to make it back for lunch.

          I've also heard good things about The 219 and Omar's brunches. I need to check those out.

    2. Both of these are kind of a drive for you but, The Founder's Inn has a fantastic 5 star breakfast buffet, plus chefs on hand to whip you up an omelet with fillings of your choice. Kind of expensive at 20 bucks a person, but definatley worth it for a special occasion...if you are looking for something cheaper and a little bit more down home kind of cooking try Pancakes And Things on Indian River right near Military Highway.

      1. The Taphouse at Queens Way in Hampton has Sunday brunch. I have not been for the brunch, however everything I've had there has been extremely good so it might be worth a shot.

        Also, they apparently have $1 bloody marys during brunch and that might make the drive up there worth it on its own.

        1. Don't forget Brutti's in P-Town.

          1. Patrick C -- good to see you here. I have always enjoyed your writings in HR Mag.

            I also love Doc's, but am tired of the summer wait. Also, while they do a great job, the menu hasn't changed since it open, and is just a repeat of what Ray did at the Belvedere for years -- needs updating, or some specials, or SOMETHING!. It is further away from our house, but I think Citrus, on W. Great Neck (parallels Great Neck, and is the road One Fish Two Fish is on), jsut south of Shore Drive, is better -- more creativity in the planning and prep, and less wait, especially in the summer (unfortunately, still small waits). Menu is here: