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Jan 25, 2008 03:03 PM

Tacos Don Jorge has opened on Venice

Tacos Don Jorge was a pretty well regarded taco truck that used to park on Venice Boulevard, just west of La Cienega. Rumor has it with funding help from the furniture store nearby (Autenico) he was able to open his own shop. They are within walking distance of us and we are very glad they are finally there!! The taco truck is now parked outside the restaurant with a banner proclaiming the place NOW OPEN.

I'm nowhere near the expert about tacos and Mexican food that others on this board are, but we have been to TDJ three times and each time was better than the last. The chicken tacos were "ok," but I loved the al pastor burrito (beans, rice, cilantro, marinated onions and peppers), and today's carne asade sope really hit the spot. They also serve tortas and quesadillas and all manner of meats.They offer two salsas, mild and hot,and both are pretty spicy. The place is immaculately clean and the staff is really nice.

You can eat there at one of the three little wobbly tables or take out.

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      Oops sorry -- I'm always bad with essential details like that. I believe they are on the 8600 block of Venice Boulevard, at the northeast corner of Venice and Cattaraugus. Tacos Don Jorge used to be the favorite taco truck of the Great Taco Hunt guy. IT was called Rudy's I think. Here's a link to his post about the taco truck.

      1. re: NAspy

        I'll have to give this new taco place a try when I'm in the neighborhood -- picking up a sandwich to go at Togo's or shopping at the Smart and Final before heading to lunch at Hu's.

        But does anyone know what is going on with Bandini? It appears there have been no new posts on The Great Taco Hunt blog since last August. Please check in, Bandini, not only do some of us really miss you, but your longest absence before was just a couple of months when you said you got a bit heavy from too many tacos.

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      1. This place is amazing!!! I live all the way in Anaheim & I can't seem to stop myself from going to the restaurant at least once a week. Their tacos AlPastor are so amazing that there has not been another restaurant that I've visited that can compare to the taste from TDJ. Their "lengua" burrito's also got a grasp on my taste buds that I never thought I'd ever touch tongue, let alone be eating it but their food is made in such a healthy way that I don't feel too bad about stuffing my face with 2 tacos and a burrito. Plus the staff's always got the biggest smiles on their face that draw me back every week. Best ever.

        1. Yeah, I've only been once, but this place rocks. My favorite is the cabeza. They do some of the best I've had in a while, but I haven't been there for probably 6 months.

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            I usually hit Tacos Don Jorge or the El Chato taco truck at least once a week when I get a late night hankering for that south of the border taste. Both places are pretty good and are open late. I think they both shut down around 1am in the morning. The El Chato truck sets up around 8pm at the southwest corner of La Brea and Olympic. The truck's strong points are the tacos and the quesadillas. Not a big fan of their burritos. I remember reading about a taco truck that sets up nights on Jefferson between La Cienega and La Brea, but never saw it until last week. Unfortunately I had just came back from Tommys and was pretty stuffed. I've seen recommendations about this truck on Jefferson so I'll try to check it out "next time."

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